Friday, March 16, 2012

Gypsy Rally 2012

Slight delay in the Gypsy Rally blog .... as you will see, I've been VERY busy!!!
The Rally is put on by Nick and Terry Russell .... Once you meet them, they are like family!!  Terry is quite the opposite of Nick, quiet and shy.  Nick on the other hand would be a great stand up comic.
Every day they have seminars regarding everything RV, from boondocking to traveling solo to solar systems.  Remodeling your RV (yup, make it home) and everything in between, including driving tips for women and how to handle fires, heaven forbid you should have one.  Dan moderated the seminar "Boondocking" ... or how to stay in your RV for days without electrical power.
The entertainment was awesome ... this guy can yodel like nobody's business!!  Amazing country and western singer, a former Sons of the Pioneers ... I apologize that I do not have his name.  I'm not at home where all my paperwork is ... how embarrassing!!
Next up, the pizza party ... I'm guessing 400 very hungry impatient people served hot pizza in a matter of 5.5 minutes.  Terry has this down pat for sure!!!  And it's all you can eat, or until they run out, which they didn't.
Pizza is a staple in my weight-loss diet, but not for my friend Patty.  How she sat there while we ate in front of her, I'll never know.  
So while here, we made the short trip out to La Mesa RV just to take a look.  It was my idea to wait 5-6 months and maybe look at purchasing a new RV ................  Next you see why I've been so busy!!!

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