Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Image - I Love Photoshop!!

After messing around with the opening image, I finally settled (at least temporarily) on the Maui Sunset picture I took last year.  Not much photoshop on that one ... but the following one is ALL photoshop!!  It won't make the final cut for sure, but I'm working on one that shows the "family".
Obviously I'm an animal lover, whether they be mine or someone else's.  While visiting friends Patty and Dan in Lake Havasu, I got to spend time with their two sweethearts Gracie the kitty and Sami the beagle.    Sami is quite old and has arthritis, but that doesn't keep her off the couch or the dashboard of their RV.
This is the look I got when I tried to share her bed ....  In return, I had to provide lots of petting!
Gracie is a cat of a different color!  I've never seen a more active cat and I've owned quite a few.  She is into everything!!  Including the cabinet when Patty was getting the plates out.  Aha!!! An open cabinet.  Wonder if I can get up in there??
Yup I'm sure there's enough room.  Any snacks in here????
When caught red-handed, she headed for her spot by the sink.  This kitty loves to play in the water!!!  As long as you give her a trickle, she will play for hours, getting soaked and not caring one wit!!
Finally home, MY little guy was all tuckered out from playing the ball game.  A fanatic, he'll bring you the ball 800+ times as long as you throw it for him.  Eventually I get tired of the game and put the ball away.  My friend who was housesitting, just kept throwing it until Cooper finally gave up!!!!!
Heading to Chico in a couple days with my new RV, so I'm off to get stuff stashed and packed!!  See you then .....

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