Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I Think I'm 25 Again!

Remember how you used to stay up all night long and party, get to bed at 4:00 am and be up again by 6:00 because you had to go to school?  What happened to those days??

When I was working construction, I did absolutely everything!  I cooked three meals a day (including homemade tortillas), worked all day at the scales sending out hundreds of tons of dirt, bid jobs and billed everybody, not to mention doing all the books and payroll for a company of 20 employees.  Then I would go home and grow things in a huge garden, clean the house and make all handmade decorations for every month of the year.  I'd be up at 5:00 every morning and hit the bed at 11:00 at night.  How could I possibly have done all that?

Today, I'm absolutely beat if I don't get to bed by 9:00 and I grumble every morning when I get up at 4:30 with the puppies.  There's no decorating going on at all, I rarely cook (it's the magic microwave for me) and I'm exhausted by 7:00.

I guess something in my brain clicked and made me think I was 25 again.  After spending two entire days cleaning the house, I played poker until the wee hours of the morning (8:00 pm).  Cleanup took about an hour and I was regretting signing up for this 3D quilt class.
I finally got my act together, along with everything you could possibly ever need to sew squares together and headed off to the coffee klatch at Shirley's house.  Such a long drive ... it's about 100 yards around the corner to her house.  I was so tired, I drove.  

At noon, I headed off to the quilt class, taking the long route.  There's lots of construction going on around here, along with strange people that drive the speed limit, and I didn't want to be late.  I pretended I was 25 again, playing race car as I cruised along the back roads with no traffic and no stop signs.  YES!!!  I beat Mario in that game and arrived with plenty of time to spare.

It was rather hard to get my brain in gear long enough to sew my 25 pieces together, make a sandwich (quilter terms for layering all the pieces) and get it quilted.  It was even harder to work with a sewing machine I rarely use.
Here are a couple of examples of the instructor's 3D flowers.    
LOVE this one.  I may just have to make a second one with these colors.
By 4:00 when I left, the Mario Andretti in me fizzled out.  Again I took the road less traveled and made it in 35 minutes.  I plopped on the couch after feeding and taking care of the puppies.  

That didn't last long however, since I STILL thought I was 25.  I sewed 12 petals together and turned them using what else, but hemostats.  Luckily I had a pair in my geocaching bag.  Thank you Barbara and Tom Westerfield.  You never know when that stuff will come in handy.
By 7:30 I was asleep on the couch.  How can that be?  I'm 25, right???  Add to that poor baby Cooper being sick all night with three runs to the back door.  By 3:30 I gave up and made a cup of my phony coffee.  After all, I'm 25 with lots of energy and three loads of laundry to do.  Then, maybe ..... just maybe ..... you'll find me on the couch, or better yet, at that next cemetery I discovered quite by accident yesterday.


  1. Yes yes remeber those days well, amazing how we find it hard to stay awake until 9 pm and get up and ready at 4:30 (best past if the day though).We can still think we are 25 right?

    1. Hey, I even think I'm 21 once in a great while! LOL

  2. In regards to yesterday's blog...perhaps the scorpions are coming in through the floor's mopboard. You can use a clear sealant along the entire mopboard (top and bottom). A lot of work, not much cost, and it "MIGHT" do the trick.

    1. GREAT idea Dave. I used that foam insulation stuff, but there are some spots I couldn't get to. They may also be coming in from under the front door. Some are so tiny you can hardly see them.