Tuesday, July 25, 2023

I'm A Magnet I Tell You!!

 He's HERE!!!  My Prince Charming finally showed up!!  I wasn't exactly expecting him in THIS form, but hey ... they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince.  I wonder if he's handy around the house!

I'm a magnet I tell you ... for all things creepy and crawly.  By the way, that was a millipede that crawled across my foot, not a centipede.  He looked like this guy.

This is a centipede and he's got a nasty bite full of poison.  I think I've killed three of these in the garage.

So anyway, I wandered down the hill early to pick up the game camera, ever so watchful for snakes along the trail.  When I started to untie the camera, I saw the water in the trough moving.  How can that be?  The water is shut off?  

I crept up to the side very carefully ..... and THIS is what I see.  My Prince Charming!!   It's probably a good thing I didn't kiss him because he's just not my type. 

Here's a better picture from the internet.  When touched or disturbed, they emit a white substance from their skin that will kill a full grown dog.  It's also a very strong hallucinogenic for humans, so no kissing or touching.  They bury themselves in the dirt ... I don't know how since it's so rocky around here ... and come out when the monsoons start in late July and August.  

It was recommended I relocate him down in the river bottom (no water there, just sand), but when I got back with my shovel and a box, he had disappeared.  I guess he wasn't my Prince Charming after all.  Boohoo!!

In other critter news ... this one hit the top of the charts!!  The one thing everyone around here wants to see is the ever elusive Bobcat.  I think I was here for about five years before Patty finally got to see one in her back yard.  What a beauty!!  She made my day.

In an effort to escape the heat for a couple of hours, we all went to the movies.  You've probably heard about the Sound Of Freedom.  Of course the critics are saying it will put you to sleep.  Yes, they say there is a problem in the world, but the movie isn't worth seeing.  They are 100% wrong.

You should go watch it and decide for yourself.  It's based on a true story about child trafficking and eye opening, to say the least.  I don't think I've seen a movie that had me still thinking about it the next day.  Definitely go see it if you can.  

SO ... with no Prince Charming to fix my water problem, I'm calling a plumber this morning.  I've got a garbage disposal that seems to be coming apart from the inside out.  I don't use it at all, because I'm on a septic system, but I don't want parts going down the drain.  

Never EVER put food down a garbage disposal if you have a septic system.  Trust me on this one, this is part of what our construction company did ... replace septic systems.  I also have a drain that's not a happy camper, along with that shutoff on the sprinkler water, so maybe we'll kill three birds with one stone.

I hope you have a great day with nothing to repair!  Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Great video of the bobcat! We have them as well as mountain lions around here. I saw one bobcat in person while deer hunting but have yet to see a mountain lion.
    I do not trust movie critics whatsoever. They are not mainstream America. The movies they pick as winners I usually cannot stand and the losers are usually entertaining. They always seem to have an agenda behind their picks.

    1. Not sure I would like to run into a mountain lion. LOL

  2. What a neat picture of a Bobcat!
    Glad you refrained from kissing that frog.
    Have a good day...be safe in that heat.

  3. Nancy we went to the movie last weekend because we had heard so much about it. It is not a feel good movie but delivers a powerful message and opened our eyes to what goes on with the the children. Yes I am still thinking about the movie too.

    1. Exactly. It is not a feel good movie ... but it sure opens your eyes.

  4. In Florida we have Cane Toads, introduced to the state back in the 1930's thinking it would help with Beatles. Well, they ended up taking over, and if a dog bites one, bad bad news. We are told that we cannot remove them from our property UNLESS we put them in the freezer (in a baggie) for 48 hours, in which case we can put them in the trash can, still in the baggie. No, you can't hit them over the head with a shovel...or any other inhumane way to kill them outside of freezing them. Go figure.

    1. Why not? That's weird. I would probably have a freezer full! LOL

  5. For insect control I use one called Demon. It mixes with one gallon of water, shake it up, pressurize the sprayer and have at it.

    1. Thank you Rex ... I'll see if I can find it around here.

  6. It's a great video!
    Sorry Prince Charming turned out to be a mere toad.