Thursday, February 16, 2017

Good Deed Gone Wrong!!!

Here I am squished into my tiny computer cubicle again, thankful I'm home (read further).  There's room enough for my mouse and a cup of coffee.  You guessed it, I set up my embroidery machine for those "rest" days in the rig.  Not that I'm resting much between getting up and down 11 times for fabric and another 5 to take the dogs out, not to mention my trip to the store yesterday.
I try to be nice, although at times people really "try" my patience, which I have very little of in the first place!!  Traffic is pretty tough around here in the early mornings and around 4:00.  If you're trying to get OFF the freeway and have to make a left turn, good luck.  Traffic streams along for miles while you wait.  Seems funny to me that no one, and I mean NO ONE, will stop and let them out.  

I guess people are just happy it's not them.  I'm a good deed person, so if I see cars backed up all the way to the traffic lane on the freeway, I stop and let as many go as I possibly can.  I'm sure it makes those behind me rather unhappy ... but I HOPE it would make them say HEY .. maybe "I" should let a few people out too!!

On my way into town, I drove very slow, letting the now thrilled people go as fast as they could, making that left hand turn.  With only 5 or so cars behind me, I stopped and waved wildly so as many would go as possible.  I ignored all those honking horns behind me while two more scrambled ahead of me.  Okay ... that was my good deed for the day ... except WAIT .... now I'm PAST my on-ramp to the freeway.  Well SHUCKS!!!  Not quite the word I said ....

Okay, I'll just take the long route.  I made the first right hand turn I could.  The street name looked vaguely familiar ... it must be the right road.  I followed a white pickup, so it couldn't be all bad.  Or could it??

Down the paved road, twisting and turning, I could tell I was going in the right direction at least.  Then I saw the sign .... Pavement Ends.  Uh oh .... but it didn't end.  I'm okay then, right??  Wrong!

Still following the truck, the pavement finally DID end.  Now I KNOW I've made a wrong turn, but I'm sure this road goes through, so I just kept going and going until finally it hit me.  I can't get there from here.  I pulled out my phone and checked the maps just to confirm my theory.  Doggone ... I was right.  I'm LOST in the middle of the desert on a dirt road.  My good deed has gone terribly WRONG!

I really didn't want to backtrack the entire way, so I took a shortcut through a new subdivision under construction.  I think the contractors were a little surprised to see a Jeep driving over their curbs and piles of driveway rock.  I just waved.  There really is something to be said for that $2,000 GPS system in my car that I declined when I bought it.  

Four more turns and I was finally back to civilization and a paved road.  WHEW ... that was a close one!!  I made it to the grocery store.  Next time I'll pay a little more attention to those street names!!

Here's the Valentine quilt pattern I picked up at Quilters Market ... I'm making the white one.  
And here are two small woven blankets I bought in Tubac.  These are more like pillow size ... good for wall hangings.  The one with the horse was probably more than I would have paid in Algodones, but rarely do you see horses on these pieces of art.
Finally returning from my off-road, lost in the desert foray, I whipped up a quick meatloaf and baked an already prepared stuffed baked potato.  Not sure what I did wrong with the meatloaf ... it fell to pieces (kind of like I did on that dirt road) and like my spoon candy, had to be eaten with a spoon.  Oh well ..... I can't win them all, and it WAS rather tasty, I suppose from all that barbecue sauce I poured on it.  

Today I'm going with Patty and Dan to visit the Missile Silo just South of us in Green Valley.  There's nothing like going down in a really deep hole in the ground underneath a weapon of mass destruction to get your blood moving!!


  1. Toured that silo back in 1993. It was an impressive tour. Hope you enjoy it. Jim M

  2. Up in White Horse last year we were on one side of the river (north) and the RV park was on the other...yet the GPS said to keep on going. We did, and it ended up being a river access road, so we backtracked the 6+ miles back. Within a stone's throw of the RV park, but that sure did not help us at all.

    Hope the house hunting goes well...because your house in California might be under water by the time you go back home. At least your don't have to worry about Oroville Dam busting and flooding your area. Not sure what that would do to West Sacramento, but I feel my family in Citrus Heights are high enough that they would be fine. I guess the rain was not as bad today in that area as they thought it might be...but they have many months to go before the rains stop.

    1. Glad your family is out of danger. It's pretty crazy to think the money was there for repairs but our good old Governor Brown didn't spent a penny on it!!

  3. Wow,,, a hole in the ground ( One you don't have to dig ). meatloaf,,Ziplock
    What a coincidence

    If you're anywhere where you can find the least amount of light pollution here's an update on the International space station,,
    Its going over Arizona tomorrow night it would be in your eastern sky
    The following ISS sightings are possible from Wednesday Feb 15, 2017 through Friday Mar 3, 2017

    Date Visible Max Height Appears Disappears Share Event
    Fri Feb 17, 7:24 PM 3 min 32° 32° above WSW 11° above SSE
    Sun Feb 19, 7:16 PM < 1 min 11° 11° above SW 10° above SSW
    In a nutshell it would be in your eastern sky from north to South 7:20 PM Azmyth about 45° (it will be the brightest star in the sky)

    1. I know ... who ever heard of a cool hole in the ground? I think I saw the space station very early this morning. Glad I'm down here and not up there!!