Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Little Tight All Around

Every morning when I get up I say UGH ... I'm going on a diet.  It seems little gremlins get in my closet every night and make my clothes smaller.  My best pair of lay around floppy jeans are getting tight around my waist.  I swear TODAY is the day!!!

It was yesterday too, but that got waylaid by Miss Patty's delicious cooking for the sewing group.  I filled my plate with salad first, but the wonderful real Italian recipe pasta and garlic bread got to me again!!

We chatted and sewed until after lunch when the homeowners new refrigerator was delivered.  I'm not sure if we all had things to do or really didn't want to help replace everything in the cold box, but we scattered like bugs when the lights are turned on.  I skated off to Michaels to get another box to hold all that thread for my machine.  I had already purchased one $29 box for $8 (probably cost $2 in China).  No matter, that was a pretty tight deal!!

On my way down the gravel drive, who should appear but this beauty!!  I just LOVE these guys.  It's hard to believe they can kill rattlesnakes when they are so cute and small.
Not afraid at all, he would streamline himself and walk a foot or two, then stand up, tail in the air.  I gave him the right away, even though it took a few minutes for him to cross the road.  I can't get enough of watching nature!!
My workspace has become a little tight too, with all my new gadgets and sewing projects.  My table is pulled out all the way, allowing the embroidery machine to barely fit.  Luckily my computer desk pulls out, but my mouse is under the embroidery arm.  I don't care, I'm having a blast creating these squares that will be made into a quilt.  

By the way, that's Jonathan under the blanket.  At the far right hanging on his cage is his heater.  The blanket helps keep the heat in at night (it's 5:30 am here) ... he's a 75 degrees kind of guy.  Jon's traveling with me has also made it a little tight around here, taking up 3/4 of the counter space.  
Here's the latest two blocks.  Only 21 to go!!  I learned a good lesson last night.  Never set your machine and walk away.  For whatever reason, it took all the white thread on the bottom and put it on top around the witches dress.  I spent an hour trying to take out all the stitches that were so tight I could barely get a seam ripper under them.
Speaking of tight, I've put a tourniquet on my wallet.  Although there are some things coming up, like the Tubac Arts Festival, there won't be much spending around here for awhile.  I suppose instead of dieting, I could just make bigger clothing with the sewing machine, but I'm trying NOT to do that.  The old "don't worry about it" saying added another five pounds last summer.  Everything is just becoming way too tight all around!!


  1. I know my clothes shrink in the dryer,I'm not gaining weight.

    1. That's EXACTLY what happens!! At least I'm not alone.

  2. I was wondering how you were handling Johnathan and the new machine. The picture says it all. Does it make a lot of noise and bother him when you use the new machine. Glad to hear that you put a lock on that wallet. As much as you love those jeans, it looks like you either have to give up staying with Patty and her cooking or the those Jeans. I guess its goodbye jeans. Jim M

    1. There IS something to be said about being a bad cook!! Maybe when I return home, the jeans will reappear. Jonathan doesn't mind the noise at all, although this machine is really quiet. The more noise the better. Run the vacuum and he's in 7th Heaven!!

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    1. That is a fascinating museum! Haven't been there, but the pictures on the web look very cool!!