Monday, February 27, 2017

Catching Up

There's been lots of miscellaneous tidbits I wanted to show you but didn't really have the space.  So here they are all glommed together.

This is the Titan Missile Time Capsule, to be opened on May 10, 2036.  Aren't these things supposed to be 50 or 100 year capsules?  Makes me wonder what they put in there!!  There is also a sign on the back that says this side up ... keep level when opening.  Maybe it's a birthday cake!!
I've been trying to be a little better with my eating habits, but as you can tell, I'm really bad at some things.  On the way to the Chance Ranch there's a place called Arizona Pizza Company.  They passed my olive and pepperoni count with flying colors!  Not only that, but there was lots of cheese and sauce ... making it a GREAT pizza.  Half of it is still in the freezer.  
On one slow afternoon I cleaned Jonathan's cage.  Parrots can be VERY destructive, tearing up drapes, chair legs, carpet and car tires if you aren't careful.  I let him out occasionally when the dogs are locked up (otherwise he would be lunch), but have to keep a close eye on his activities.  Just like a little kid, when he's quiet, you better check it out!!
When the dinner menu at the Chance Ranch read UGLY STEAKS, I volunteered to whip up some scalloped potatoes.  I don't know what was wrong with me that I spit out those words, especially after I couldn't find my recipe and had to hit the internet.

Remember that handy dandy salsa chopper Patty and I bought in Quartzsite?  Well let me tell you, it was $25 well spent.  This one has several cutting blades, perfect for onions and potatoes.  In less than 10 seconds, the onion was perfectly sliced.  The potatoes went just as fast, resulting in a delectable dish of potatoes, cream and cheese.  What could be better?    SCORE!!!
Next up, I wanted to try my newly seasoned and conditioned dutch oven for the second time.  After all,  practice makes perfect ... most of the time.   THIS time however, I messed up just a tad.  Unfortunately, a tad is too much in dutch-oven-cornbread land.  I accidentally used soda instead of baking powder.  

I caught the mistake, fished out as much as I possibly could and used a little extra baking powder.  It didn't work so well.  Although Patty and Dan said it tasted really good, it did not rise very much and needed a little more cooking.  Dan said "this one's NOT going to get buried", but in my opinion, it would have made good quail food!!
Patty on the other hand, can cook up a storm.  We had chicken fajitas one night that were to die for!!  I took notes ... lots of notes!!
On my way home from the Mission I followed this weird contraption.  It looks like the old sheepherder wagons from my area.  Funny though, it was made from canvas stretched over a thin wooden frame.  Maybe it's the latest type of motorhome-camper-thingy.  He had picked up a piece of plywood that barely fit through the back door.   It's different, to say the least.  I thought the top would fly off when he went down the freeway, so I kept my distance.
Yesterday I forgot to include my only purchase at the Tucson Rodeo ... this beautiful poster.  Every year they pick an artist to draw something just for that rodeo.  This happens to be for 2011 because I liked the picture better than any other.  I'll have it framed when I get home.  The $20 poster will probably end up costing $250 to frame!!  
Yesterday I stayed home with the puppies and played on my embroidery machine.  Saturday however, Patty,  Pat and I went to the she-she posh part of town before another off-road foray.  What a trip THAT was!  I'll tell you about it tomorrow!!


  1. For your Picture frame try Scrounge Salvation /Army Goodwill/ thrift shops junk dealers high end yard sales might surprise you

    1. Good idea ... the 50% off at Michaels has NEVER been a good deal.