Friday, January 29, 2016

Good Morning Sunshine!!

There have been so many beautiful sunrises, not to mention sunsets, it actually slows you down a little.  I spend lots of time admiring Mother Nature's creations here in Tucson.
Since it was kind of a slow day, between waiting for the housekeepers, changing a motorcycle tire and preparing a big dinner, I snapped a few images of the locals.  These finches are everywhere, darting around in the trees looking to score seeds.
The dove were out too, but no sign of quail.  Dan has a BIG feeder to keep the kids fat and happy, yet today they all wanted to clamor to the only small one on the property.
This feeder was half full yesterday.  It didn't take long to drop the level.  The birds on the rails kick seed out to the ground, which is immediately scarfed up by the dove who don't quite fit.  When this guy flew in, all the little birds took off as he scrambled to hang on to the very edge.
Everyone waited their turn until he finally flew away before they resumed eating.
Once my breakfast was over, I mixed up some ice cream and left it in the fridge while we went for UGLY  STEAKS.  Never heard of them?  You're missing out, believe me.  Jan Dickman, a butcher from Wisconsin who set up shop here, discovered a piece of meat at the bottom of the sirloin, near the tri-tip.  It's well marbled and makes the most delicious BBQ steak EVER!!  It's not pretty because it's rather chopped up by the time it's removed ... hence the name UGLY.  

As you know, I'm NOT a steak lover.  Too many broiled, overcooked pieces of jerky on the ranch.  A nice fat juicy tenderloin would be my pick ... unless this was available.  It's an amazingly tender piece of meat and has the best flavor!!  Check it out at Dickman's Meat and Deli.  I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Back home, I put the ice cream in the freezer container and plugged it in.  About that time Laila stopped by to meet Jonathan.  The freezer was so loud, I turned it off.  BIG mistake!!  By the time they left, everything was frozen solid.  It took ten minutes and two knives to get it going again and another fifteen to clean up the mess I made on the counter.

Mac 'n Cheese, ugly steaks and a huge green salad disappeared in no time as the Chance family son and granddaughter stayed for dinner.  Dessert was even better .... yummy chocolate cake dropped in an ice cream sundae glass, covered with my coffee ice cream, then smothered with caramel sauce!!  OH YEAH!!!!!

By 7:00 pm, this is what my rig looked like, with me close behind!!  Cooper doesn't like to share his toys, can you tell??
There's a new quilt shop a few miles North that we'll check out today, and possible the White Dove of The Desert Mission if we have enough time.  There's also a big storm coming in Monday with temperatures in the 20's .... OMG!!!  I better get to sewing fast and make a few more quilts for my bed!!

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