Monday, January 25, 2016

A BIG Realization!!!

Definitely NOT one of my favorite things to do, sitting around all day, but when the football championships are on the line, I try to stay inside on the couch.  Yesterday, I almost accomplished my goal.  

If you're going to sit around watching great football games all day, great snack food is a MUST.  We made a quick run to Walmart for supplies, as well as a chew stick for Jonathan.  Although he started out with a one inch round, six inch long dowel, it disappeared rather quickly.  Dan donated a small piece he had in his garage ... it lasted about 30 minutes.
Parrots are VERY destructive creatures, chewing up wood, rugs, furniture, drapes .... anything they can get their little beaks on.   That's a good thing because it keeps their beaks in good shape.  Like fingernails, beaks can grow so long they can't eat.  While chewing wood, little pieces break off, keeping it short and sharp.  Unfortunately, there were none to be found, so gee, gosh, darn, another trip to the most fantastic Ace Hardware store in the land is in order.

Back at the ranch, I whipped up a batch of guacamole for us all and turned on the TV, but when I clicked on the football channel, it said I was outside of the viewing area.  The realization that I might not see the games hit me hard!!  In a complete state of panic, I ran inside the house to see if Patty and Dan's TV showed the game.  Yes it did .... so I ran back out and got on the phone with Dish Network.  Twice in the last week I contacted them to get the local channels, and NOTHING!!!  She swore she would fix it ... and she finally did!!  Whew, that was close!!

While waiting for that to happen, another BIG realization hit me!!  I think when they say stop and smell the roses, this is what they are talking about.  This is a picture of my sweet Jessie about three weeks after her arrival at my house and one day after having been stomped by my horse for jumping up and biting his nose.  At around 5 years old, she had lots of brown on her face.
I just realized that my baby girl is eleven years old ... and look at the difference .... she's turned gray, just like me!!!  It was a shock when I counted the numbers and realized how old she was!!  It also shocks ME when I figure out how old I am!!!
At any rate, I DID get to watch football.  Two on-the-edge-of-your-seat games ... well at least the Broncos Patriots game was.  Tom Brady alway seems to come through in the end ... and came VERY close this time, but the Broncos held them at bay long enough to win.  

The Panthers pretty much ran away with the second game.  I was wanting the Arizona Cardinals to go to the Super Bowl, but quickly came to the realization it wasn't their day.  WAY too many interceptions, which made it exciting, just not the outcome I was looking for.

Now that THAT's out of the way, it's on to the schedule of events Patty and Dan have set up for me while I'm here.  It turns out I'm going to be a really busy girl for the next five days!!!


  1. Next Time anyone goes for a walk in the desert Bring Along a pair of lopping shears. Find a Mesquite tree or bush and cut up as much as you need for that for Jonathan wash it off and let Jonathan have fun with that being real hard you can do two jobs number one is you can make perches (having different circumferences makes it unique for a bird)
    If you make purchases take a jackknife and find a piece it's about three quarters to a half inch in diameter and shave the bark off about 6 inches of it so we has a smooth spot to stand on as well give him a week And he will peel all the rest of it off
    For the bird you can cut them up small 6"or 8" so he can chew on them even so he doesn't swallow it is just his destructive nature
    Or you can get a bunch of macadamia nuts or pecan or almond nuts even UNroasted coffee beans
    It's a little bit messy but you can take the nuts dunk them in juice and set them aside and let them dry they'll have juice residue on the nut that the bird will detect
    That way he'll at least get a treat after he destroys it,, just make sure you wash tham first
    If Mr. C has any Manila rope ( not nylon Dacron or rayon) you can tie that onto the cage for him to chew on as well
    If you go to a crafters place true hemp rope would be better ( it's a more natural fiber usually with no chemicals)

    Is football anything like NASCAR

    1. Yup ... football is EXACTLY like Nascar!!! Thank you for the bird tips. I've used mesquite for perches and rope for chewing, neither of which he is enamored with. The nuts is a new idea ... I'll give that a shot!!

  2. I almost forgot sugar cane is another good thing cut it 3 in long and in 1/8s or less
    being a farm girl that likes to chew on hey grass you can do the same thing to the sugarcane stock it's real sweet

    1. Never gave sugar cane a thought ... but he DOES like sweets!!