Thursday, May 28, 2015

Longhorns and Cowboys!!

Y'all know I'm a born and raised cowgirl.  I'd much rather be out on the range sitting on top of a horse taking in the sights and sounds of quiet.  Alas, times change, but I've never lost the love of cattle ... any kind of cattle.  So yesterday when I drove by this field of exotic animals for the hundredth time, I decided to stop and say hello!!  These really aren't longhorns, but they DO have exceedingly long horns.  They are Ankole cattle originally from Africa.
It's a real mishmash here ... this is a Scottish Highland.  The one in back has a new baby that is cute as a button!!  The dark one WAY in the back is a water buffalo.  I guess I better bring my "real" camera out for a visit!!  
The really sad thing to note here is that most are not in very good shape.  This used to be a multi million dollar dairy who began purchasing exotics years ago.  Since the dad passed away, the kids have been keeping them up, although not very well AT ALL!!  Sorry for the dark image, but this buffalo and it's brother are so skinny I don't see how they survive.  I have no idea who to call regarding this situation.  None of these animals seem to be getting care ... they just stand in the field without much to eat at all, not to mention worming, vaccine, hoof care, etc.  I makes me MAD!!
This little guy came up looking for some apples, which people feed them quite often.  He's a Zonkey!!  Half zebra and half donkey.  You can barely see the stripes on his legs and ears.  I just feel bad for them in their current situation.  If you're going to have animals ... TAKE CARE OF THEM!!
I continued on my journey into the little Sierra Mountain town where my quilt was ready for pick up.  This should wake me up in the morning!!!  As soon as I finish the 360 inch binding around the outside edge, it will go on my bed in the rig!!
In an effort to get ready for the next big trip, I did a little Pinterest searching.  That's not something I do much of, but these meals on wheels will be perfect for me, probably lasting well over a month.  Here's the basics ... you cut, chop and hack ingredients into zip lock bags in whatever combination floats your boat, then squash them flat and freeze.
The night before, you move one bag out of the freezer to the fridge.  The next morning, just dump it in a crock pot.  Four to six hours later, you have dinner!!  Just add a little rice or potatoes and I can eat for a week on one bag, assuming of course that it's edible!!  I haven't tried this before, so can't speak to the flavors ... time will tell!!  Just in case though, pay no attention to those little mounds of dirt you might see at the back of the campgrounds.
Since I can use all the help I can get, I found this cookbook on the internet, which was the first "package" test of my new UPS address.  How could I possibly turn down a title like that??  My dad used to cook in an old dutch oven over pine cone coals.   Today everyone uses briquets.  Kent Rollins is a real "cookie" (cowboy cook) who still follows herds of cattle to this day, cooking from his chuck wagon for big ranches around Texas.  Since I have so much cast iron, including skillets and my dad's dutch oven, this is the perfect book for me.  All of his recipes are cowboy and cowgirl tested ... he even beat Bobby Flay when it came to chicken fried steak!!  
I'm taking several of my pans with me this summer and a bag of charcoal ... I'm hoping it won't be a recipe for disaster!!  If you see a fire and smell good food, stop on by for some vittles.  Worst case, I'll heat up a can of chili for you!!


  1. Nancy, You could call the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). In did a online search there’s one in Merced (209) 384-7722. Like you I hate to see animals miss treated if you don’t want them or can’t afford the up keep find them a good home.
    Jim M,