Friday, May 15, 2015

50 Ways .....

It seems I need to hit Home Depot for some supplies and enlarge my soapbox on our medical system. Thank you for all the comments!  Even some of my local friends contacted me to thank me for posting that I stood up to the Doctor's request for unnecessary (in my view) tests.  We seem to put them on a pedestal,  after all, they ARE doctors.   Sometimes however, common sense should prevail.

Since that encounter raised my blood pressure so high, I needed something to relax me.  What better than sugar??   This little recipe book came in the Food Network magazine I picked up at the store.  50 .... count them ... 50 CUPCAKES!!  There are three basic recipes with 50 ways to change them up to make delicious morsels of sweetness!  I think I'll start with number one and make them all!!!
Here's a lovely I found in my garden yesterday.  There aren't many in my neighborhood, as the birds seem to take care of them quite quickly.  Isn't he a cutie???  I know, I'm weird.  Just to show you HOW weird (what I won't do for a photograph), I discovered a spider yesterday just inside my door.  I thought it would be cool to get a picture of a spider capturing a fly ... so when I whacked one, I threw it in his web.  He went bananas!!!  I snapped away with my camera!!  Sometimes ideas don't quite jell however ... I couldn't get close enough with the camera to get a good picture.  When I tried, he grabbed his prize and ran under a piece of furniture!!
After lunch with friends, I stopped by my quilter to pick up my dog blanket.  This one wasn't my favorite at all and was terribly hard to sew with the chenille fabric.  Turns out when I saw it quilted, I liked it much better.  This one will go on the back of the couch in the rig, me thinks.
It was sunny in the morning until the clouds started to come in.  By 2:00 it was pouring, flooding the streets of town.  Course it doesn't take much to do that .... these streets flood at the slightly drizzle of rain and have for 40 years!!  They've fixed that problem twice that I know of, with no difference whatsoever.  It's supposed to keep this up all week .... YAY for California!!  We're getting some moisture!!
With all my research, I've decided to go with the Escapees Mail Service.  At a first year cost of $165 plus postage versus Americas Mail at $189,  $13.75 a month is much better than $80 the post office charges to forward my mail to a friend.  I won't have to deal with junk mail any more either, which is a big plus.  When home, I can have mail delivered by UPS to my house.  I'm hoping the postage to forward mail once a month won't amount to as much as the post office charges.  It makes me kind of nervous to change my address, but we'll see how it goes.

One last thing .... what service do you use to access the internet while traveling??  I have been using Sprint MiFi for years, but like my home Clearwire, they have figured out how to cut off all the unlimited services and charge LOTS more for much less service!!  Since Sprint bought out Clearwire, they are discontinuing my home service at $40 a month ... new equipment they say ... and now charging over $80 a month!!  

Yesterday, I received a letter from SPRINT saying they are discontinuing my mobile MiFi ... more new equipment ... and I have to buy their latest and greatest ... no price yet, but you can bet your britches it will be more than the $60 I pay now!!  Maybe if I cancel my garbage service like my neighbor did (stacking it all on my driveway) I will be able to afford my new internet service!!

I need another cupcake!!!!!


  1. The skies up here north of Sacramento opened up as we were eating with mom and dad in a restaurant. Thanks to a nice overhang, I was able to get mom and Marcia in the passenger side, then had to turn the car around to get dad in behind me and we headed home. Once there, I had to get out, move dad's car out of the garage, pull into the garage to let them out, pull out and then pull dad's car back into the garage, and as we pulled into my sister's driveway next door the rain let Marcia into the motorhome, hand carried Skruffy from sister's house into motorhome, and by the time I got in...well I was wetter than if I came out of a swimming pool! And it was such a cold rain too...we don't get cold rain in Arkansas or Florida, forgot about how cold the rain can be here sometimes. But thankful for the rain none-the-less. :)

    1. It HAS been a little chilly Dave, good for going on a morning run. Sorry you got a little damp around the edges!! LOL It doesn't take long to get soaked in these downpours!! I'm loving the thunderstorms however ... haven't hear the thunder in awhile!!