Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!! YOU'RE LATE!!!

For all the moms out there in internet land, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Sunday!!  My friends say I'm a Puppy Mom and that counts, but not really!!  So my plan for the day was to help out the men at the Elks Lodge who were cooking breakfast/brunch for any mom who wanted to attend.
Unfortunately, I was so busy on Saturday with a photo shoot and RV repairs, I totally forgot about it!  BAD Nancy!!  It didn't take me long to remember however, when the phone call from an unknown number rang at 7:00 a.m.  All I heard was WHERE ARE YOU???   Yikes .. I'm late ... I'm late ... for a very important date!!

In a record 15 minutes, I was dressed, with full makeup and hair fixed (45 minutes is the norm)!!  I'm talking a WORLD RECORD!!  In 15 minutes more (luckily there was no one on the road that early) I pulled in to the Elks parking lot.  They threw an apron at me and it was ON!!!

You know those big pans ... like 18" by 30", 6" deep??  We cooked 4 pans of ham, 5 even bigger cookie sheets of sausage, 8 cookie sheets of biscuits, 5 pans of Mexican Casserole, 14 ... yes 14 pans of hash browns, 14 pans of scrambled eggs and the biggest pot of gravy I've ever seen.  Don't forget the 8 cookie sheets of waffles, two of the biggest buckets ever of fruit cocktail, two huge buckets of frozen strawberries and 5 cans of whipped cream!!  To top it off, there were two very large Costco sheet cakes!!  What a spread!!!

We worked our butts off from 7:30 to 12:30, when we finally served the last of the food we cooked.  Yup ... we actually ran out of food after serving over 400 people.  There were only 300 expected!!  While all that was going on, two guys washed dishes and silverware from 9-12, with a huge pile still to go.  I hope everyone enjoyed their meal .... we got lots of "great food" kudos!  Boy, if they only knew what it took to cook all that deliciousness!!  I snuck in a couple of taste tests and it was MUCH better than what I can cook!!

Here's the really weird part of the story however ... a real shocker for me!!  The hash browns were dehydrated in a box.  Fill it with hot water, rehydrate them, mix in salt, pepper and butter and bake in a 500 degree oven for 15 minutes ... stir well and bake again.  They were awesome!!  Who knew??  Even the biscuits came from freezer boxes .... and they were really tasty!!  Not that I need a box of 10 dozen biscuits at a time, but what a great idea for big groups of people!!  You just need an oven that's three feet square!! I suppose that's not practical in an RV!!

Here's an interesting idea ... chocolate cake smothered in thawed frozen strawberries!!!  It was the BEST!!!  Not that I ate the whole thing ... well actually I did ........ TWICE!!  BAD Nancy!!!  I had to do something .... I missed breakfast and I was starving!!

I guess I shouldn't have done quite such a good job, as I've now been conscripted to cook at the Sunday morning pancake breakfasts at the RV park.  At least it's only 5 minutes from my house in case of another memory lapse!!



  1. Costco sells those potatoes and they come in a carton like whipping cream. Cheap and they last a long time.

    1. I didn't know they carried those, Jan ... they tasted like regular hash browns!! I guess I need to cruise the Costco aisles!! They would be great for RV travel.