Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hacked AGAIN and Food Food Food!!

What a combination, right??  Course you KNOW I love the food part, as does Cooper begging for a little steak .... it makes the hacking easier to take.   Out of the blue last week at Bingo, I became the proud owner of a package of rice.  Not just ANY rice mind you, but amazingly special rice, grown in upper California.  I'm being pretty vague here, because it's NOT for sale in California, or anywhere else for that matter.  It is grown specifically for the Japanese market, with 100 percent of the product being shipped overseas to Japan.
Interesting, right??  Following terribly specific directions, like rinsing the rice, letting it soak for 20 minutes, boiling, simmering, listening for crackling then high fire for 20 seconds, before resting for 20 minutes and all this time, you never ... NEVER ... lift the lid.  Sounds too complicated, but believe me, the rice was the softest, tastiest pillows of deliciousness ... it stuck together perfectly for use with chopsticks and was the best I've ever eaten in my entire life!!  I should know .. my family grew rice for years!!

No WONDER the Japanese like this stuff.  It's like gold now ... I'm doling it out little by little ... hoping at some point I will be so lucky as to attain another bag!!  Maybe I could order some from Japan!!!

Good news ... my mailbox at the UPS store is working out grandly!!  Trouble is, on my first trip, I received a notice from Blue Cross (my last insurance carrier) that their systems were hacked big time, along with IRS I see, with the thieves taking social security numbers, birthdates and addresses.  I guess they don't need much more than that to wreak havoc on our lives!  To atone for their mishandling of our information, I have been offered a two year FREE subscription to LifeLock.

I went online and signed up yesterday.  It actually gives you a lot of information, like who ran a credit check on you, your entire credit report, what your credit score is ... just tons of information.  Hopefully I won't be one of the "special" people who has their credit ruined.  I am however, now waiting for LifeLock to be hacked!!!

Since my steaks didn't thaw in time for Memorial Day dinner, I made one of Miss Terry's pizzas ... you know, the one Nick raves about all the time and we wish Miss Terry would cook for us??  Well you too can have an absolutely awesome pizza by getting Miss Terry's cookbook, where she gives you all the recipes and directions.  It's pretty simple, leave the dough in the fridge overnight and the next day you have a delicious crust you can cover with all your favorite stuff.
I just cover it with whatever I have left over in the fridge ... and as you can tell, I didn't leave much behind!!  I like my crust crispy and thin, but you can make it thicker if it floats your boat!!  YUM YUM!!!
When the rib eye steaks finally thawed out, I fried them in my cast iron skillet, following Gordon Ramsey's directions.  Yes, you too can cook with the greats in the food world ... just bring up You Tube and type in "perfect steak".  This way, you don't have to listen to him yell!!  Cooper and Jessie thought it was perfect too!!
The Magic Kingdom was surprisingly nice and quiet last night, with no rude peasants or cranky soldiers ... well maybe one.  I heard the Castle Cook was in a foul mood, but I brought a salad ... with rice and steak!!!  With 142 peasant gamblers in attendance, it's pretty remarkable they were all pleasant!!  If I can just skate through one more session without any bullet holes, I'll be in good shape for a quick trip North.  For now, I'm back to packing ........


  1. "I made one of Miss Terry's know the one Nick raves about all the time". Nancy that isn't very specific. What meal that Miss Terry makes for Nick, does he not rave about? Here's to all the bullets going wide right next week. Jim

    1. Don't you just wish she could cook for all of us?? I'll raise my glass to wide bullets for the next TWO weeks!! Thanks Jim!