Sunday, February 2, 2014


I'm not one to give up, but yesterday, I called UNCLE!!

I got out my tallest ladder and went to work on the RV.  First, I moved my FMCA egg from the front of the ladder to the back.  Easy peasy!!  Next, I crawled from MY ladder to the RIG ladder and up on the roof, dragging the water hose with me.  I scrubbed from one end to the other, getting the top squeaky clean, and crawled down.  Up again with towels, which I forgot the first time, I dried the top.  Up the THIRD time with wax, I applied a coat to all the vents, just because Mr. Chance does!!  I think I've pushed my luck here by not falling off, so I called the roof good!

That done, I commenced to wash ONE side.  I didn't get far!!  I can't remember if it was Mothers or Mommys who invented these expensive plastic washing gizzies that fit on the end of a handle, but they DO NOT work with a capital D N!!!  And why should they???  They are plastic!!  No matter how tight you think you have them screwed down, they come loose.  The good part is the rags stick to the velcro.  I gave up and went to my trusty windshield washer with washcloth and finished only one quarter.  From there, I got out the polish and managed to finish one quarter panel before I collapsed.  Now don't laugh ... I see you laughing!!!  Gee this is hard work!!!  Tomorrow I'll try to get at least get one half done before the Super Bowl ... because when the time comes, I'm going to be plopped on my couch with a pepsi and chips!!

The next couple of hours I spent figuring out the easiest, least expensive place to put my RV shelter.  Like Dan and Patty Chance, the wonderful County employees who think they are God, have made the requirements for my property almost impossible to deal with.  UNLIKE Dan, I don't have the patience or gumption to fight with them.  This is the view from my large front gate (at the side of the house), to the back fence.  My horse trailer on the left will need to be moved further left ... no problem there ... and the two panels of white fence removed, to be replaced by a wide gate.  From there, it will be a straight shot back to the far fence.  The 18' x 40' building will begin at the end of the horse barn and end at the back fence.  Why don't I place it on the already beautiful concrete you ask??  Because the setbacks on BOTH sides of the house are 15 feet (although 5 feet everywhere else in Merced County) and I can't make the turn through the gate.  With that decided, I'll make a call to both contractors and see what comes next.  Although I prefer concrete to park on, I think it will be more economical to lay down gravel.
By the way, I do SO much appreciate all the advice I receive from fellow RV'rs, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'm more than happy to hear them!!!  One other problem is the heavy cement trucks driving over my concrete, which is cracking badly in the front driveway.  Is that repairable???

P.S.    .....  GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!


  1. I don't know if you've heard the guarantees with concrete.
    1. It is theft proof.
    2. It is waterproof and virtually fireproof.
    3. It will crack!
    Have a good day, Ray

    1. I guess I didn't read the fine print!!! You are definitely right Ray!!!