Monday, February 17, 2014

BEEP BEEP BE........

FINALLY the beeping stopped.  I'm not sure that my solution is a good one, but it worked.  My friend the screwdriver and I removed the cranky detector, only to find that it is basically a plastic box, hard wired, that doesn't allow unplugging or access to the wires.  I replaced it with a big sigh.  On my way out the door, as it began screeching again, I remembered the 12 volt shutoff Dan had told me about.  It's worth a try ... I hit the button .... and mid beep .... there was QUIET!!!!  I'm plugged in so the fridge is still running, which is the only thing that needs to be in the ON mode.  I have no idea what effect if any this will have on the house batteries.  Do they still charge as long as I'm plugged in???  I doubt it will be turned off for long, as I'm already getting itchy feet!!  If the dryer belt ever comes in, I'll have Fresno RV check it out for me.

Saturday night I promised my friends a huge pizza from the best game in town ... Pizza Villa.  Although pricey, they have NO competition because they are so awesomely good.  I called to place my order ... no answer.  I called again.  Forty minutes of calling and no one answered the phone.  Apparently somewhere between Indio and Quartzsite, they retired and closed their doors.  It was a sad day ..... I went to Round Table Pizza and got a horrible All Meat Marvel.  It definitely wasn't a marvel!!!  I've never had bacon on a pizza that you couldn't chew!!   I hate it when the BEST closes!!!

It was such an exciting weekend ... the ladies will appreciate this.  Having purchased some of the best eyeliner I've ever tried from the Ulta store ... a Smashbox product ... I discovered as I used them that they would no longer advance in the pen as I turned the base.  ALL FOUR of them wouldn't work.  This is a MAJOR design flaw!!  I returned all of them to the store with the suggestion they remove the product from their shelves.  Surprisingly they took them back, even though they were all used, and refunded my money.  Ulta provides GREAT service should you need any cosmetics!!

The rest of the day was spent making a slideshow (without music) of the images from our Costa Rica trip.  The group that went is having a get together and requested pictures of the 3 day add-on trip Patty and I experienced.  As I looked at some of the images, I was again amazed that we rode in a huge bus on those crazy narrow dirt roads.  I'm not sure how to add it to my blog ... I promise it's only 10 minutes long ... but if I see you in the Los Angeles area in May, I'd be happy to show you that crazy, scary, WET trip!!

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