Monday, February 24, 2014


I don't know how you full-time ladies do it!!  Your hair always looks so nice ... neatly cut and nicely styled.  Me ..... I have to go to the hairstylist about every six weeks and am the Queen of Hairspray.  It has taken me 20 years to find someone that could deal with my hair.  I just can't imagine stopping in at Great Cuts or Walmart for a quick cut and style.  I think the secret must be a short cut!

So a couple weeks ago when it was again time for a trim, I went to visit Maria, who also happens to be a "kind of close" neighbor ... and a sweetheart to boot!!  

HOWEVER ... when your hairstylist says "Let's try something F U N", even if she is a good friend, you should NEVER EVER say OKAY!!!  Not unless you want a heart attack right there in the shop.  Always ALWAYS ask WHAT first!!!  Actually it's a little lighter now, but I had the reddest red hair you can imagine!!!  It was a shock, to say the least!!!
I went to the Elks Lodge the next night to cashier their Bingo, and no one recognized me!!!  I told them I was Nancy's twin sister, Chrissy ... that Nancy was off on another trip in her RV.  We've gotten the biggest laugh ... and now everyone calls me by my new name.  Unfortunately, it probably won't stay this way, as I plan on being gone all summer, which would mean a stop at Great Cuts or Walmart ...  scary for me AND the hairdressers.  My hair has even made them CRY!!!!

Yesterday I drove to Sonora to meet up with the Costa Rica tour group for picture sharing.  They didn't recognize me either!!!  The only problem was, no one brought their pictures!!  I took my computer with a slideshow of the last four days Patty and I spent in the jungle, which they were all anxious to see.  As I moved through the images, I gave a commentary on the comedy of errors that occurred ... and kept everybody in stitches for two hours!!  They said they hadn't laughed that hard in ages.  At least our misfortunes were good for a great time with lots of laughter.  ALL were thankful they had not signed up for that last three days!!

It's going to be a busy week.  I need new glasses and it's tax time ... AND I'm taking the rig to Fresno to have my dryer repaired!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!


  1. I hope I'm not the only one, but I think you look great.

    1. Oh thank you!!! No, actually lots of people have said good things!! So many in fact, that it looks like I'll have to keep it up!!!