Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Long Haul

I like short drives.  Taking an hour to get to a new parking spot suits me just fine.  If I can stay there a day or two, so much the better.  I can do three or four hours if I have to, but six hours is NOT my cup of tea.  It's a six hour drive from Quartzsite to Tehachapi for me.  I know, I'm slow, but I actually follow the speed limit ... sort of.  Mostly because I get amazing fuel mileage if I do.

In case you were wondering, there's no one in Quartzsite.  Usually packed to the brim, Park Place RV Park is a ghost town.  There were three rigs besides mine.  I'm pretty sure that has to do with the 118 degree temperatures.
So yesterday morning, I didn't waste any time buttoning up the rig.  By 6:15 we were on the road.  All I can say is LONG and BORING.  I sing to pass the time.  It's a good thing the puppies are tone deaf.  At least this time the dash air kept me cool as the temperatures rose to 106.  Much better than the predicted 116 in the next few days in Indio.  You can tell that's where I'm heading in this image ... see the smog??
Traffic was a bear for the most part, but nothing at all like going the other direction.  Whatever on earth is everyone going TO Riverside/Indio for??  This is I-15 over the hill with me going North.   It was a parking lot from the bottom clear to the top on the other side with traffic traveling about 25 mph.  Craziness!!

It was definitely NOT boring on this section.  I had to keep a close eye on the engine temperature, shifting often to keep from overheating.
If you have ever driven this way, taking Highway 395 North to Four Corners and on to Boron, you will know what I'm talking about.  The section of road between Four Corners and Boron with the big S curve over the railroad tracks??  Backed up the entire way from Four Corners to the Boron off ramp, stop and go.  I've never been so happy to be going the opposite direction!!
After a few puppy break stops here and there, I finally arrived in Tehachapi.  I planned on a nice picture, but the light turned green and I dropped the camera.  In spite of the Fourth of July crowds, this little park is fairly quiet and away from the freeway.  Escapees can stay for $25.50 a night.  Surprisingly, many people spend their vacations here.  In Tehachapi.  Go figure!!
The kids crashed on the couch while I watched the Giants baseball game with the Pirates.  The Giants have been terrible ... embarrassing even.  With two more rookie players getting their first chance on the major league field, they won, making it 5 in a row.  Well it's about time Giants!!
It was a cool 81 degrees, down to 60 last night ... perfect for sleeping!!  I've got one more leg today .. a mid length 4-1/2 hour drive home.  I plan on unloading the puppies and crashing when I get there.  Don't call me, I'll call you!!  

I hope your weekend Fourth of July plans are going well, your barbecue cooks perfectly and your grandkids play with you.  A perfect holiday!!