Wednesday, July 5, 2017


If you've ever been to a small town parade, you're probably familiar with what you are about to see.  Remember, I said SMALL.

The Fourth of July is a big deal for such a SMALL city.  Everyone, and I mean every person who lives around this area was in attendance.  I've never seen such crowds, even in much bigger cities.  The best part is they parade down the main street to the park, all of which is covered in wonderful shade.  Too bad that makes for horrible pictures of light and shadow.

At any rate, hang on to your seat because here we go!!!  One of the local Honor Guards followed two police motorcycles with sirens blaring.  Just a note ... they don't have police motorcycles, just two small motorcycles with sirens attached.  Don't laugh.
Next up, the Grand Marshal.  I wish I knew who he was, but the handmade sign on the side only said Grand Marshal.
There were lots of political candidates as you might expect.  Wasn't I surprised to see Mr. Larry Massengale, my class reunion partner in crime, driving one of his many restored cars.  This Supersport was so loud, he just coasted most of the way.  
Remember SMALL town ... and we have tractors.  Mostly OLD tractors that farmed this country from day one.  Nowadays, you never see these babies in the fields.  Some were restored like this one, and some looked like they had just come from the field.
If you've been back East, you might possibly have seen this ... the Tractor Dance.  Farmal tractors can turn on a dime, so they do, just because they can.  They dosey-doe around in circles, occasionally lifting the front wheels.  You haven't lived until you've seen this dance.
There was one high school band, but no one can afford uniforms, so they just wore whatever they had in their closet.  Surely there are uniforms SOMEwhere, but it's hot and would cost too much to have them cleaned.  And then there were more tractors.
It happens there are two major used car dealers in town ... both of whom were represented by five cars each that cruised along with FOR SALE signs ... just in case you were looking for a vehicle.  There is also an off-road group that brought every manner of sand rail to the parade, all decorated to the nines!!  Most even had their puppies with them for good measure.
Truthfully, this was a LONG parade ... over two hours!!  There is a huge contingency of cheerleaders in training all stacked up on this beautiful example of a washed and waxed truck.   Come on, you KNEW there would be big trucks!!
Another group of cheerleaders and acrobats ... I never knew there were so many groups of this type around town.  I'm pretty sure every single school kid was in the parade.  What fun for them!!!  Just a note ... the theme was Star Wars On The Fourth of July.  Only one float had participants dressed up like Star Wars, but no one cared.  They were all just thrilled to be in the parade!!
Many of the local Charros rode their horses down the street ... magnificent high strung beauties who strutted their stuff, some even dancing in place.  As you can see, everyone got involved in the parade, including that one year old on the far horse.  This of course was my favorite part!!
There are many more pictures, so fascinating, I won't show you all at once.  I'm saving some for tomorrow!!  

At least this year we got most of the bangs over by 10:00.  There was no use going to bed early.  The bangs and booms started around 9:00, being louder than I ever remember.  I don't mind a few bangs here and there, but when my neighbor set off 12 bottle rockets right over my house and back yard with all the dry grass, I rather came unglued.  What kind of idiot are you??  Not to mention HIS back yard full of hay and goats!!  

Someone behind me had a show that rivaled the Fairgrounds.  I literally had to cover my ears.  Poor Jessie did pretty good.  I just held her tight ... and when she wanted to run, I wouldn't let go.  At least this time I didn't hear any M80's. Where do people get this stuff??  

So my time here was too short.  I'm off again for cooler pastures in order to keep up with my pre-Arizona-house reservations.  I'm making a mad dash for the cooler coast.  

Don't forget to check back in tomorrow for the rest of SMALL TOWN!!!


  1. Nothing like small town parades, that is for sure.

    We sure heard our share of M-80's and M-100's and some sounded like full sticks of dynamite! POOR Skruffy, even holding her did not calm her down. She finally fell asleep and actually slept through a few big bangs.

    1. It's just crazy that people are such idiots to shoot off illegal fireworks ... and it gets worse every year!!

      Poor Skruffy ... I hope she's better today.

  2. Our previous small suburb's parade included scout troops. And a few kids on decorated bikes. You can't get much of a smaller town feel than that.

    1. Isn't that the truth!! This one had small kids on small decorated ponies!! LOL