Sunday, July 30, 2017

An Untraveled Road

As I cruise around, I'm always looking for that road I've never been down.  Sometimes it turns out really well, then again sometimes it's a big failure.  Several years ago there was a road around here that had a herd of elk happily grazing the roadside.  Try as I might, I haven't found them again.

There are several access roads to the beach, so I decided to take every one of them.  The first was the best.  I turned at the Highland Public Golf Course sign North of Gearhart.  Nice green greens would be good for elk, right?  Not so much ... I didn't see a single animal.  What I DID find might be even better.  The road takes you right out on to the beach, but if you veer left instead of going straight, you end up in a huge empty parking lot.

I locked up the car, grabbed my camera and headed towards the beach, which wasn't far at all.
Here's my reward.  A perfect, almost empty beach location for kite flying.  Almost except for that big front end loader moving sand away from the vehicle access.  
Upon further inspection, there were three trucks, but two were helping with the construction, or rather deconstruction of the entrance road.  This is a good picture to explain driving on the beach.  Take the road straight out without stopping ... then drive on the wet sand and you won't get stuck.  Driving in the surf line can sink you to your axle, as can driving in the too soft dry sand.  Don't be fooled by the Seaside bright red Rescue Vehicles going wherever they want.  They have really wide, low air tires that keep them above ground.
Since I'd heard about a new Asian Cuisine restaurant in town, I braved the crowds (here's where all the people are) and found parking a short distance away.  Eating at a new restaurant is like the untraveled road.  You never know what you're going to get.
In one of the biggest buildings, taking up almost an entire block, there is a carousel for your grandkids.  Even the big kids like this one.   There are several entrances, just go in any open door, through the shop and you will end up at the carousel in the middle.
It's huge!  And Noisy!!   I walked around the entire thing until I found the restaurant I was looking for.  It has lots of great reviews on Yelp ... that's a good sign.
The lunch special included 43 different entrees to choose from, accompanied by soup, crab puffs, rice and a veggie roll.  SO many choices!!  I don't know if everything on the menu is good, but I chose wisely I guess, because this was the best hot and sour soup I've ever had.  I mean seriously good!!  Yes, the noise is a little distracting, but who cares when the food tastes this good!!
The mongolian chicken was over the top, tender, juicy and all white breast meat, not chopped up thighs.  My choice of fried rice over white rice was also a good one.  SO MUCH FOOD!!!  You're not going to believe this, but the lunch special price was $7.95.  I'm definitely going back for more.  Best Asian food I think I've EVER had!!  By the way, you can ask for hot and spicy, or mild.  I of course chose mild.
Full to the brim and with my take-home box half full, I headed back to the rig where I actually thought about some kite flying.  Thought is the operative word ... I became a couch potato after that great meal.  Since I rarely have pictures of me on the blog ... here's one I took showing my satisfied I-got-a-great-meal-for-$8 look!!
Now for the tip of the day, speaking of untraveled roads.  For those who know the traffic jams in Seaside, I have a secret road for you to try.  As you come into town heading North, just past Gorilla Gas is Avenue S.  Turn right and follow the road, even if you think it's going the wrong way.  Pretty soon you will make a sweeping left turn (name changes to Wahanna Road) and head North with barely a car in sight.

The first stop sign is Broadway, the main street in Seaside that ends at the turnaround by the ocean.  DON'T turn.  Keep going straight to the second stop sign.  How nice not to be stressed over the traffic or have to wait through three lights to get to the next red light where you will wait again.

At the second stop sign, you COULD turn right and end up at Thousand Trails Campground if that's your destination.  Stay wide, it's a fairly sharp turn.  Or you COULD just go straight to the last stop sign where you turn slightly left and right before you end up back on Highway 101.  There you are and you missed all that horrible traffic!!  Sssssshhhhh it's a secret!!

Today I'm heading for more untraveled roads around Manzanita and Nehalem.  I've always driven through without stopping, but today I'm hoping to meet up with the Westerfields for lunch and ICE CREAM!!!  It's going to be a great day!!!


  1. Sometimes you find roads that say loop like Nancy's trail loop if it's on the east side of 101 ,, it can take your pretty far inland but bring you back to 101
    Some of the ones on the west side of 101 or interesting as well
    Also if you get a paper map of The Oregon coast that you're in when you get home at night. take your Highlight marker and highlight the road that you've been. as well as any notes to yourself.
    Asian,,,,,Thanks,,,,, now I'm hungry

    1. It's been funny .. when I drive along, I remember things like there was a geocache there on the fence post, or that was a really neat place to visit .. I'll stop in there again. Sometimes I actually go back and ready my blog!!

  2. Rats you missed the professional rodeo this last weekend
    Sorry my fault

    AUGUST 5-6, 2017

    7th Annual Surf ‘N’ Saddle Junior Rodeo