Friday, July 7, 2017

It's So COOL To Be By The Ocean!!

After a very long drive (for me) filled with bugs and construction, the 40 degree drop in temperature has been worth the effort.  It was actually foggy .... I was never so happy to see FOG!!

For those who were at the Golden Spike Rally in Sacramento and rode the River Train ... this is the section that was completely flooded with overflow from the American River I think.  None of my maps seem to name the rivers .. just the roads.  That long dark strip on the right is the train tracks we were on.
There was some discussion in my head about what route to take.  Last year it was Highway 16, a twisty, turny slow-to-go motorcycle road.  This time, in spite of the construction obstacles, I turned left off I-5 at Williams and headed up SR20.  I called Cal-Trans and the CHP to hear there were no obstructions to traffic.  Trouble was, I had the wrong road.

SR20 is a good road ... a little steep in places, but not a lot of traffic.  There was only one construction zone that required a four minute stop.  I like the breaks ... it gives me a chance to relax.

Clear Lake was beautiful as always and full to the brim, although the temperature was still in the high 90's.
Finally on Hwy 101, I cruised along trying not to let my mind wander.  After about four hours, I get pretty rummy.  This is my favorite section ... Richardson's Grove State Park.  Too bad I'm too big to stop.
I'd love to lay down in the middle of the road with my camera and get a good shot of this section.  I have to say it seems wider than the last time I was through here .... maybe it's because I'm going the other way.  At any rate, it's green, shady and just a great drive!!

YIKES!!  My neighbor's heater just came on ... it sounds like a Jet engine on steroids!!  It's a good thing I was already up at 4:00!!  It's a curse I tell you ... waking up at 3:30 every morning!!
Back to the drive ... I thought the construction was on SR20 ... so when I saw the sign on Hwy 101 that said "Construction - 40 minute wait", I was pretty surprised.  I guess traffic this early was light, because I only waited 5 minutes before we started to roll.
The entire side of this mountain slid down the hill and was only open to one-way traffic.  All in all, there were three sections where I had to stop and wait, but never longer than 5 minutes.  I just seemed to time it right.
Since I left Sacramento at 6:00 am, beating all the terrible traffic, I arrived at the Eureka Elks Lodge around 1:15.  Lucky me, there were three spots left on the upper side, with six on the lower.   I don't park on the lower side ... it's on too much of a slant.  I waved to a gentleman in his rig, unhooked my Jeep and proceeded to back up.  "George" came over to assist.  How nice is that??  It was an easy park since I picked the widest one!!

Ten minutes later a group of six fifth-wheel rigs came in together.  We're packed like sardines!!  I can't get out until they move one or two.  Every single one had dogs, most of which were NOT on leashes.  I don't understand why they can't read, but then I guess rules aren't for everyone.  One little poodle almost got her nose bit off by Miss Jessie.
In a couple of hours, we all looked like this ... crashed on the couch.  
It's a lovely 53 degrees this morning.  I went outside with shorts on and made the puppies walk around the parking lot twice, just so I could be cool as a cucumber.  It's COOL being close to the ocean!!

I'll be off again this morning heading further North.  I've got Thousand Trails reservations in Seaside that I'm trying to get to without making changes.  I'm excited to say that friend Betty Graffis who lives near Woodburn will get to come visit me in Seaside once I get settled in.  

I better get in gear ... it's going to be another long day of travel!!


  1. Winter too cold, Summer too hot but by the Ocean just right. Now you are making us jealous.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. So far it is, but you never know ... it can chill down or heat up in a flash!!

  2. We plan to take CA Highway 36 after a stay at Sycamore Grove Campground near Red Bluff, NF Campground, $8 per night with our senior pass WITH electricity (a must for Red Bluff this time of year). We are not planning to take our car for this 6-8 week time period that we plan to be along the coast, so we should be able to handle highway 36 without problems, AND miss construction on 101.

    1. You might not want to go that way Dave ... depends on whether you want to deal with all the construction. See today's blog!!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Jan🤗It says I'm an unknown but it's Betty

  4. 40° drop in weather I hope you get frostbite

  5. Close Nancy. It's Betty. I live in Damascus. I mentioned Woodburn because as I get more comfortable in driving Woodburn is one of the places I can drive to. My son is bringing me to Seaside.

    1. Oops ... sorry Betty. I couldn't remember where you actually lived. Glad your son is driving you for a visit.