Friday, July 14, 2017

Down By The Sea

Ocean ... it's down by the ocean.  That's where I was yesterday, when I found a new path to the beach.  No more slogging through the deep sand.  It looks like it's a very LONG ways away, but it's noontime and the tide is out ..... WAY out!!
There weren't even very many people.  I'm guessing that's a sign of the cold weather.  It's been in the low 50's every night, up to the 60's during the day, not to mention the overcast cloudy rainy skies!  The sun usually comes out in the afternoon.
Here's a BEACH TIP.  Just because it says you can drive on the beach, doesn't mean you should.  It's an art ... a skill most people don't have.  It even involves some brains and common sense, which seem to be lacking these days.  The tow trucks are lined up waiting for you.  This is a $500 gift for them and it happens every single day.  Don't be the one people point and laugh at!!

If you must drive on the beach, do it in a four-wheel drive vehicle.  Make a run through the approach without stopping or slowing down until you hit the hard packed wet sand, then you can turn your wheels.  I only know because I asked.  I've been on the beach a few times with no problems, but it's always good to know the proper technique.  Just two days ago, a car was flooded and totaled because they couldn't afford the tow truck and couldn't find anyone to pull them out.
While walking back to the Jeep, I heard a little bird chirping.  It seemed he was following me as I walked through the dunes.  I finally spotted him on the top of a tree quite some distance away.  Even though I was sure the photo wouldn't be sharp (WAY too much distance between us), I snapped away.  Wasn't I surprised when I brought the picture up and saw what he was chirping about.  He was proud of his latest catch.  When I enlarged it even more, it looks like a big tomato worm!!
There are lots of little yellow flowers and seed pods along the pathway, along with a few berry bushes.  Watch your feet and don't get stuck!!
By lunchtime, I decided I should support the local economy and eat out.  No more lean cuisine and frozen pizza.  This is THE STAND.  It's on the corner of Holladay and First.  You'll probably miss it the first three times you drive by.  The sign is basically unreadable, but if you like REAL Mexican food, you'll LOVE this place.  Just don't pay any attention to the floor or the light bulbs.  Every bulb in the four light ceiling fan is different ... and there are two ceiling fans.  Who cares ... they work, right??
For $10.95 (remember there's no tax in Oregon) I got two huge chili verde enchiladas, rice and beans.    This is NOT your run of the mill chili verde.  This is carnitas cooked to perfection, smothered in ground up tomatillos, onions and chilis.  Never have I had chili verde that tasted this good.  The rice and beans are also authentic, with enough to feed at least three people, I kid you not.  I can't wait because half of the leftovers will be BREAKFAST!!
This morning I'm heading for the aquarium.  I've heard it's no big deal, but decided to see for myself. I've got blue skies, so some kite flying might be on the schedule for this afternoon!!


  1. Sometimes those hole in the wall places are the best.

    1. That's definitely true!!! I just love finding the rose in the desert, so to speak!

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