Monday, July 24, 2017

Table For 50

It was an interesting weekend.  I was exceedingly thankful that the parking space I coveted at the end of the row was NOT available when I arrived.  Why?  It turned out that was the location of a huge gathering of family and friends who took over the entire back of the park, including every picnic table they could steal.

For every meal there were 50 or more adults and children present, with the accompanying loud noise.  That was nothing compared to their Friday and Saturday games played at the top of everyone's lungs.   Throwing water balloons brought out more squeals than a pig farm.  SO THANKFUL I had to park up front.  When I was asked if I would mind trading spaces, I declined.  We had a good laugh.

To escape the weekenders, I was up early headed for the Ilwaco Market and my favorite picture taking subject, the red fish factory.  Yeah, I forgot my camera.  It's okay though, in a few short weeks, I'll be back.
Most all of the people who sell here also go to Sunday Market in Astoria.  Here however, it's not near as crowded, so you get a good chance to check out their wares and start up a conversation.  Shy as I am, I always try to do that ... after all, I don't know them, so it's easier.  Most are happy to talk and pass the time.  That also allows me to play with their puppies, a pastime I love.
Having walked by the Smoked Salmon Chowder trailer every time I've been here over the past five years, I finally decided to give it a try.  A small bowl, which is really huge, was only $4, along with a piece of toasted garlic bread for $1.  
I had a little trouble spotting the salmon, since most of the pink stuff was really carrot.  It didn't TASTE like salmon at all, but was rather a pretty good plain chowder, full of potatoes, celery and carrots.  The toast was delicious, except for those burned pieces of garlic.  It's hard to make a toasted slab of bread in a hurry.  All in all, worth the cost.  He's also at the bottom of the Astoria Sunday Market if you're starving.
Never Enough Bags, an easy-up big seller, had some of the best handbags I've seen, not to mention the perfect name.  They are made from fabulous fabrics and are full of pockets, zippered and slip-in, heavy enough for hauling all my junk around, yet light for the shoulder.  I LOVE IT!!  At $35, I don't think she is charging enough.  I might mention that the NEXT time I see her, since I already purchased mine.
As most of you know, I'm not a GALLERY person.  If it's in a gallery, it's too expensive.  I usually don't even go in to look.  It makes me feel bad to take up their time when I know I have no intention of buying.  I could buy a horse for one picture.  

On the wharf is Marie Powell Gallery.  As businesses have closed down, people are trying to revamp the boat dock area.  Marie has moved to a nice building and set up her artwork for sale.  She carves wood blocks, paints them and transfers the images to paper, as well as creating other types of prints.  Her work is amazing, with multiple layers of color and patterns.  Most of it is ocean related, not a good fit with Cowboy.

A local artist, Marie has other works in her gallery, also made by local people.  This is one of the most amazing baskets I've ever seen.  She gathers rope that has drifted to shore from fishing boats, cleaning it before making these creations.  All the baskets still have crustaceans on them, some including line weights and intact knots.  If you're ever in Ilwaco, you just HAVE to stop in.  No, they are not cheap.

You're right, I bought this one after pleading bankruptcy.  She made me a deal I couldn't refuse.  Marie also has a section of SALE items because she says everyone can't afford originals (no kidding), and even though these ARE originals, she puts some out at much lower prices.  Check it out!!
Even if you're not interested in the market, it's a very nice walk along the Port of Ilwaco.  Buy a pie, or some non-salmon chowder, or maybe some vegetables for later to help support the people here.  They could use it.
This morning I'm an early bird, probably waking everyone up as I head back to Seaside for a couple of weeks.  That will give me a chance to head South to the quilt stores, and maybe escape the mosquitos.

Mosquito counter ... 12 - 1 that finally quit itching


  1. When a mosquito bite starts itching spray it with Windex. but don't wipe it off
    If you have pump perfume mini sprayer put alcohol in it. One you can carry in your purse works just as well,,

    1. Windex!! Why didn't I think of that!!!

  2. Went to Walmart yesterday and got a Dirt Devil Reach 24 Volt. Gail found one on for in store pickup for $89. Bought the last one on the shelf for $99. Seems they have different ones for different prices with different attachments. I'm guessing we have fewer attachments than you. Thanks for the info. Our old vacuum in the RV was having trouble holding a charge. After looking at ours you might want to consider removing the tube and bottom from the motor. Store the bottom somewhere out of the way and put the motor on a cabinet top plugged. That is what we are planning to do. Jim M

    1. YAY!!! I hope it works great for you. There are several with different attachments and one with a wider floor sweeper. I'm really happy with mine AND with the price!!

  3. FINALLY out of California! Not too far though, turned east at Brookings and drove the 5-6 miles to Alfred A. Loeb State Park, $22 with water and electricity...dump station at Rest Area north of Brookings. Not sure how long we will stay here, but my guess is that it will take us a month to make it up to Astoria...if we get that far.

    1. Cooler temperatures, that's for sure!! I love that you get to stay so inexpensively in the State Parks. I'll add that one to my list. Hey .. just enjoy the beautiful views and cool temps, but keep your mosquito spray handy!!