Sunday, July 9, 2017

What's For Breakfast???

With another five hour drive ahead of me, I hit the road early AGAIN.  Really, when you get up at 4:30 and finish the blog, there's not much else to do.  Might as well get moving.  It was a little foggy here and there, but I was just thinking about how COOL it was.
I'm pretty single minded.  Once I decide what I'm doing, I forget everything else.  Like I forgot the Westerfields were in Florence Oregon, parked at the Elks right on the highway.  I should have stopped in for a hello.  Maybe it was this lady standing on the bridge that almost fell off when she turned around and saw me three feet from her, that distracted me completely.  I went in one side of town and out the other!!
Finally, some magnificent ocean views!!  Like the Energizer Bunny, I just kept going and going.
It was sad to miss all the places I haunt when staying here.  There's the best corned beef hash in Newport, not to mention Pacific Seafoods clam chowder and albacore.  This is South Beach Grocery/Fish Market that serves the second best halibut and chips on the West Coast.  Yes, it's a dive, but you'll LOVE the food!!
The highway, being mostly inland, was much better from Bandon North.  There are many sections however, with SLOW and BUMP signs everywhere.  Believe me, when you see those signs, you should slow down.  This particular one has been here for a long while ... and it gets worse every year. I don't know if they are ever going to repair these sections or just put up more signs, since they seem to be focusing their attention on the worst of the worst on Hwy 101 from Eureka to Crescent City.
Upon arriving at the Elks Park, they have a new mascot.  It's VERY real looking ... I took a second glance.  Later as we were walking around, Cooper spotted it.   He kept looking ... he wasn't going to let anything get us.  It was a long ways away but he wouldn't let it go.  He barked all the way back to the rig, looking over his shoulder.
Having parked in the very last pull through available (YAY for me!! ... that's why I leave early) I wandered around the park.  They are adding 15 new sites, all 50 amp, all pull throughs.  Well good for the Elks ... they need these extra spaces.  This has become a very popular place.
With a big sigh, my shoulders dropped four inches as I relaxed on the couch.  Then it dawned on me. THE FISH PEDDLER.  Oh yeah!!!  Time for some lunch.  Up to Bay City I drove through some horrific traffic ... Tillamook is revamping their main roads through town ... to get some clam chowder.
Unfortunately, it was Saturday and the crowds were out the door.   That's okay, I'll just get it to go.  Only eight people in line ahead of me.  I told you it was good!!!  As long as I was there, I picked up a couple of little shrimp cocktails.  Not really little, this was lunch for me!!
I wasn't the least bit patient ... I wanted some of that yummy clam chowder.  I suppose I could have come up with a better serving container, but I just couldn't wait.  The first thing you taste is BACON! Then the wonderful cream sauce, followed by those tender clams and potatoes.  The BEST clam chowder on the West Coast is made at this little dumpy restaurant called the Fish Peddler (at Pacific Seafood's oyster shucking factory) in Bay City Oregon.
Time to relax.  I'm actually staying here two days, so I set up my embroidery work and watched the Giants get beat once again by Miami.  
Today I'll hit my favorite quilt shop ... Jane's Fabric.  I did have in mind to go to the Tillamook Factory for ice cream, but they are building a new visitor's center and the place is a madhouse.  Since cream isn't something my stomach cares for too much, I'll just stick to the clam chowder for now.  Maybe on the way back when I can stay longer.  

What's for breakfast you ask?   Why CLAM CHOWDER of course!!!!


  1. Have fun at Jane's the place!! Have you tried the fish n chips at the Bowpicker in Astoria, it's across the street from the Maritime Museum? Very good!
    Liz-Boise, ID

    1. I finally got there last year Liz. YUM!!! Definitely going back!!

  2. I CAN'T wait for the cooler temps! Thanks for the info about the roads, but I think we are going my planned route just because we want to take our time headed up the coast (and from what you will take time, that's for sure!)

    1. It's always a great drive Dave, just be ready to wait and really go slow when you see those signs. Cool is wonderful!!

  3. Hi,
    I love fish and chips. This is South Beach Grocery/Fish Market that serves the second best halibut and chips on the West Coast. Would you be so kind as to share your number one choice?

    1. Hi Garth!!! I have to admit that South Beach was my favorite for a long time. It's very close, but Bandon Fish Market takes a slight lead. Bigger pieces of halibut, fries and cranberry cole slaw salad for $20 puts them just ahead. When I'm in town, I always stop at South Beach three or four times though, it's that good!!! I'll see you on my way back!!!

    2. Thank you. I have been to the Bandon Fish Market and it is great.