Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Rest Of The Parade!!

Here's what happens when you park your car on the parade route while having a few too many beers. Even though it's 9:00 in the morning and they announced MANY times to remove the car, "Joe" never showed up.  Won't he be surprised when he has a $125 tow bill to get his car out of hock!!
Back to the parade, there weren't any little kids on bicycles decorated to the hilt ... they were on ponies decorated to the hilt!!  Check out those snazzy green cowboy boots!!
There were Boy Scout Troops, Girl Scout Troops, groups of After School Drop In kids ... just kids galore, including these OLD kids and their old cars.  These guys didn't rev their engines, lay scratch or smoke up the route, but they sure were having fun!!
Here's my favorite ... the Merced County Sheriff's Posse.  They were spread a little thin with so many Fourth of July parades to ride in, but they were bright and shiny, all riding palomino horses with silver covered saddles ... just like in the old days of Roy Rogers!!
Kind of hard to get good pictures in the dappled sunlight, but you can get a pretty good idea.
This golden palomino was spectacular ... even their hooves were painted gold.
All of these guys (and gals) and their horses were in the Presidential Inauguration Parade in Washington D.C.
This enterprising gal wanting to make a few bucks, made peanut brittle in round pie tins which she was selling for $10 each.  With long blond hair and shorts, she sold out in a matter of minutes.  
Once the parade was over, I walked through the park that was filled with vendors.  I didn't buy a thing.  These ribs however, on the biggest barbecue I've ever seen, were delicious.  They sold out too!!
So yesterday morning I finished packing up and headed out on the road again, a little tentatively.  It's really so much MORE fun when you're not alone ... puppies don't count.  I was also feeling bad for my babies, especially Jonathan, having to hang on by his toes for the long rides getting us to Oregon.

First stop ... Sacramento.  It's not that far, but it makes the 9 hour drive to Eureka a little more manageable when you split it up.  I only have six hours driving today.  There's a guy standing by the trailer just past my rig.  I felt terribly like a slacker as he spent SEVEN hours setting up, wiping his rig down and washing the windows.  I sat on the couch and watched the Giants game.  He must be a Newby.
So I'm off early ... hoping to get a parking site at the next Elks Lodge for a one night stand before hitting Oregon.  They tell me it's COOL there!  I could use some cool!!


  1. We are headed that way in a week...but will take 7-10 days to get to Oregon most likely. One more week of 100 degrees...

    1. It was a beautiful COOL 65 with 51 overnight. I didn't even turn on the heat!! You're gonna love it Dave!!

  2. Good luck, we never get a spot at Eureka Elks,that's why we like the ones that take reservations. Know we have a spot after a long drive. We stay at Shoreline RV

    1. I've been very lucky to find a spot here ever time, but five minutes after my arrival, they were packed!! I'm with you though, I REALLY like guaranteed spots. I'm staying at Shoreline next time for sure!!

  3. We were on the Oregon Coast for 2 1/2 weeks in June....IT WAS HEAVEN!! Very nice & cool. Beats this 100 plus degree heat any day. Safe travels!
    Liz-Boise, ID

    1. It is fabulous Liz!!! I didn't even turn the heat on so I could finally be COLD!!!