Monday, July 31, 2017

Barbara Made Me Do It!!!

You can't travel across the U.S. and back without becoming best of friends with Barbara and Tom Westerfield.  Yup ... we did that just a few short years ago.  Feeling terribly bummed because I missed them in Florence on my way up the Pacific Coast, I was thrilled to be able to meet them in the little town of Manzanita, which honestly I didn't even know existed.

This picture is from Maine where we had more lobster in one week that I've had in my lifetime.  When we met on the streets of Manzanita, I couldn't stop talking long enough to take a picture.
Shopping buddies extraordinaire!!  This picture was from Albuquerque.  At any rate, I took off about noon so as to have time to check out the antique store in Wheeler Oregon, as recommended by Mister Ed.
If you haven't stopped in here, do so just to check your sense of direction.  This place is HUGE, with room after room, closet after closet, with old slanted floors, steps up and down, not to mention staircases.  There's just SO MUCH to see.  I tried to keep track of what rooms I had wandered through, even though I usually have a good sense of direction.

In no time, I was lost!!  Totally turned around.  I found a rack of T-shirts that said something like I found my way OUT of Wheeler Antiques.  I thought ... uh oh, I'm in trouble.  That's when I spotted the chair.  A wicker masterpiece, the likes of which I've never seen in my life.  I HAVE to have it.  Unfortunately, there was a sold sign on it.  RATS!!

As I tried to find my way back to the front desk to double check, I ran into this beauty.  It's perfect for Lost Horse Ranch.  It was then I finally saw the small hand written sign ... this way to the front.  Carrying my prize, I asked about the chair.  I begged and pleaded, even asked for the buyers phone number ... I'll offer her more than she paid.  Alas, they refused to help and the chair stayed.  Now I'm on the hunt for a duplicate on the web.  
Time to head to Manzanita.  As I slowly drove down the main street, to my amazement, I spotted Barbara and Tom sitting on a bench eating ice cream!!  Tom got me parked by the Post Office, where we sat and chatted, talking about everything imaginable.  Finally Barbara says ... I've GOT to show you this skirt in the shop just down the hill, it's just YOU.  They also have laser cut wooden necklaces.  Let's go SHOPPING!!

So here's this amazing skirt made in Amsterdam.  It's a wraparound with a zipper all across the top edge so you can unzip the entire bottom, reverse the pattern and zip it back up.  Once unzipped completely, you have a turquoise belt with a little turquoise purse attached.  The belt has snaps all around the entire top, so it fits any size.  You can also detach the purse and put it on a long shoulder strap and use it alone.  Who comes up with this stuff??  Talk about multi purpose!!
Then we came to the fascinating wood light switch covers.  Crazy, right??  Made by a father and son duo, there were several varieties of light switch plates.  Place the hole in the middle over the switch itself and attach to the wall.  Now turn the white knob on top to the left ... the light turns ON.
Flip it to the right, and the light turns OFF.  Is this the cutest thing ever??  I know, I'm weird!!  There were many varieties, some for the wide push button kind, which looked like a big electrical switch ... kind of like what you would imagine an electric chair to have.  Grab the big handle and flip it up, the light goes on.  Flip it down, it pushes the bottom of the switch and the light turns off.  These took some imagination!!
On to the necklace like Barbara's ... I think she counted 9 or 10 gears on this one.  Turn one gear with your finger and they all turn.  Is that the craziest thing you've ever seen?  I included quarters to show you the size.  It's fascinating to watch as all the gears turn different directions with the turn of only one.
Barbara says ... you're going to blame all of this on me in your blog.  YOU'RE RIGHT!!!  Barbara made me do it!!!  All of these came home with me!!!

Our destination for early dinner was the Pizza Garden just a couple miles south in Nehalem.  For such a small town only one block long, it has many reasons to stop.  One is the amazing ice cream, which we'll come to shortly.  In the meantime, we ordered our pizza from the big deck out back by the river.  There's even a boat dock so you can stop in after fishing.
Barbara and I had Thai pizza, hers with shrimp, mine with chicken.  Yummy, with plenty to take home!!  Tom had alfredo lasagna with crab and lobster.  Boy did THAT look good!!!
Not quite stuffed, it was time to head a couple doors down to Buttercup.  They have the best, if not the weirdest ice cream in the country.  Names like burnt chocolate, marshmallow and almond joy are their staples, along with several other varieties that change weekly.  Barbara got Red Hot ice cream.  You know those cinnamon red hots you had as a kid?  She said it was awesome.  Tom and I stuck to the more benign marshmallow, served in chocolate dipped waffle cones.  
Sadly, it was time to say goodbye as they headed South and me back North to the puppies.  I hope our paths cross again soon ... I miss these two!!!  

Traffic back wasn't too terrible, although four miles out of town I hit the 25 mph traffic jam, made tolerable by taking my Avenue S shortcut.  By the way, it's not a good idea to take the shortcut if you are heading South.  You will end up at a stop sign on Highway 101 where you will be parked for days waiting for a break in the traffic so you can turn left.

It looks like the weather will cooperate today for some kite flying.  I was a little surprised to see the RED triangle of death on my weather app.  It was an EXCESSIVE HEAT warning for Seaside.  It's going to be 71 degrees today.  I think I can handle that!!


  1. It's always the small out of the way places that you find the most interesting things.
    Bring lots of water when you Fly Your Kite.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. While you were in Nehalem did you notice anything unusual about the town
    Due to all the flooding over the years the town decided that he didn't want to move,, so it raised the building that's why you have to walk up or walk across The raised porches
    That Antique shop in wheeler with all the art deco lights and 50s memorabilia kept me Ms. metabolized for an hour just that one room
    Plus that place is such a metropolis it only has one ATM machine in the waterfront bar across the street

    1. I DID notice that .... I just didn't know why all the buildings were four feet off the ground. As for the ATM machine, I never found it. Had to go to the Manzanita Bank!!

  3. I had to laugh 2 bloggers taking the same picture
    Those deer are going to start asking for a modeling fee Astoria trip

    1. Now that's a coincidence!! Good blog .....

  4. Wish I would have seen that necklace back in '96 when I was incoming President of the Rotary Club...the outgoing President was female and she would have loved that necklace!

    1. Sounds like it would have been perfect Dave ... it's VERY cool!!

  5. I call necklaces like those fidgit necklaces. I have one that is interlocking loops you can arrange into various patterns. They're good for when you start feeling restless during a program.

    1. I'd never seen them before, Linda. Kind of like those fidget spinners of today!!