Monday, July 17, 2017

The Phoenix Rises

After almost a full year, the Phoenix rises again.  I finally got up the nerve to take my kites to the beach.  These are generally known as Revolution kites, but this one is made by one of the premier kite makers, Bazzer Poulter from Australia.  You can imagine my nervousness!

Amazingly, the 120 feet of line fed out perfectly.  That was the first big hurdle.  Now try and remember how to put the kite together.  I was pretty proud that I remembered the bridle goes on the front and the vertical spars on the back.  If you don't get all of this perfect, you will be sadly disappointed when your kite crashes immediately.

Next up, try and remember which line goes where.  There are four separate lines, each set of two a different length.  In other words, there is a top and a bottom.  Making it even more complicated for us novices, you attach the lines while the kite is upside down.  There is also a left and right set.
Ready, set ... PULL!  I squealed in excitement as it actually went up in the air.  Yahoo!!!  With winds in the 7-9 mph range, it was just perfect to get reacquainted with the lines attached to the ends of two long handles.  There wasn't another kite on the beach.  I was having so much fun, I forgot to turn my music on.  Kite flying while crazy music plays in your ears is even more fun!!

After an hour, my knees and shoulders were screaming.  I set it down to take some pictures and realized I hadn't traveled more than six feet from my bag.  SCORE!!  I'm usually half way down the beach at this point.
I'd love to show you pictures of it in the air, but the slightest movement of one handle or the other will crash the kite in an instant.  They are pretty sturdy, but there's no use tempting fate.  Of course if I broke one, I've got several more to choose from.  The thing is, they all fly differently.  It's like driving six different cars.  They're all cars, but they don't handle the same.  

After two hours of zapping my memory and coming up with a few moves, I was pretty beat.  Time to rest up and get ready for the Astoria Sunday Market.  I'll be back!!
Dinner was another Fish and Chips Restaurant.  I yelped every eating establishment in Seaside and decided on this one based on the reviews.  Turns out it's not exactly a restaurant.  It's a drive through.  You can see it right on the highway ... Grizzly Tuna.  I chose to do a walk through.  A five piece with fries and lots of dipping sauces came to $11.  
Not near as good as Bandon Fish Market or South Beach Fish Market (my two favorites), Grizzly Tuna got a solid 6 out of 10.  The pieces were large and crispy delicious, but more breading than fish.  The guy at the counter got extra points for being a HUNK and for good service ... he brought my order to my car.  If you want TUNA fish and chips, make the trip to Astoria and eat at the Bowpicker.  If you want a drive-through quick dinner, this was just fine!!
I'm moving further north again this morning, bouncing back and forth between previously made reservations.  The good news is I became acquainted with my neighbors.  Always a good thing since last year my neighbors directed me to the hospital for my sliced and diced finger.  This year I'm parked next to a quilting guru instructor who showed me the SIX quilts she is entering in a show next month.  The thing is, they will be leaving HERE the same day I RETURN to here, so they will save their spot for me.  That's a BIG relief, not to worry about finding a site I can easily back in to.  YAY!

I'm heading into bear country ... YIKES!!!  See you on the flip side for more fish and chips!!  


  1. Glad you finally got to fly your kite.
    If the Bears smell the fish on your breath they'll be chasing you down the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Boy howdy!! It's a little walk to the beach from here through some dense brush. Hope I don't run into any!!

  2. Travel safe. Good job with the kites.

    1. It was a quick trip Dave. Same thoughts going your way.

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