Friday, June 30, 2017

Pushing Buttons!!

It's 5:00 am ...... is YOUR AC ON??

I try very hard not to push buttons.  They get me in trouble.  Whether on purpose or by accident, pushing buttons is detrimental to my mental health.

Up at 4:30 am, I finished packing the rig and deposited Jonathan in his traveling cage.  I went down my list item by item, closing up the house and setting the alarm systems.  By the time I got MYSELF in the rig, it was a HOT 92 degrees.
I don't know about you, but as I drive along, I think about all the things I should have done.  Did I get my makeup bag?  Did I turn off all the lights?  Did I close the garage door?  Good grief woman ... think about something else!!

I thought about Republic Waste Services that was supposed to take my trash away on Wednesday.  They forgot.  As Patty, Dan and I came home from a fabulous dinner at Red Lobster (you know, the one with those amazing cheese biscuits?), Dan checked the bin.  It was still full.  RATS!!   They were leaving about the same time I was.  

After going online and making a report ... you forgot my pickup ... they said it would be taken care of on Friday.  I'll be in California Friday.  So now I must call upon one of my neighbors to take the bin in to the garage for me.

My next thought was ... BOY it's HOT in here.  It seems my dash air is not working.  It's not blowing hot air, but it's certainly NOT cold.  With sunglasses having some kind of protective coating, I can't see a thing.  After hitting every button on the dash, I discovered the green light (means AC is on) is NOT shining brightly in my eyes.  I hit the button.  I also hit the generator button just for good measure.  It took three tries.  Seems I was pushing the OFF side instead of the ON side.  I'm beginning to worry about mental processes but am blaming it on the sunglasses.  Finally ... cool air.

That's when I hit the OTHER button.  Totally by mistake.  In fact, I'm not really sure why my hand was anywhere near the radio/map, but a fingertip must have touched something.  Instead of Satellite Radio, I had AM Radio.  

I tried a couple of buttons to get my satellite radio to return, but it wasn't to happen.  An hour later, having listened to something between Hard Rock and La Bamba music, I pulled over to let the dogs out.  That's weird.  The satellite button was completely gone.  WHAT??  

I had another 2 hours of driving to go, listening to the CD player with Sonoran Dogs blasting away.  It replayed five times.  I know all the words to Alice From Nogales.  Upon arrival in Quartzsite, I kept pushing buttons until the Satellite Radio button magically reappeared.  YAY!!

That excitement quickly dissolved when DishNetwork wouldn't work.  I didn't have my channels.  I called them, which usually takes five minutes for a quick "send me a new signal".  This time however, it wouldn't work.  I spent over an hour standing on my passenger chair plugging and unplugging everything.  They finally gave up and told me to call a repairman.

In one last attempt at a fix, I stowed the dish, counted to 20 and pushed the GO button again.  Oh the elation!!!  It worked.  I would at least have entertainment for the next two days as I make my way through the valley of Heat.  It's presently 106.  It's so hot outside that I can't let the puppies out.  I felt the ground and it will definitely burn their feet.  
Thoughts of the gorgeous sunsets crossed my mind as I began to take off one piece of clothing at a time.  My two little AC units can only keep the temperature at 86 degrees.  It's okay ... by this time tomorrow I should be in lovely COOLER Tehachapi.  

Until then, I'm turning on my air conditioning.


  1. Better to get everything running before hitting the road so that you are not driving distracted.
    I keep an eye on Quartzsite temperatures, better keep the AC on.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. That is so true ... something I need to work on a little more!!

  2. Got to watch those stickers in their feet too! Safe travels...

    1. The first time stopping here the stickers were pretty bad. This time they turned the water on the grass so it's much better!!