Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thunderstorm In 100 Degree Weather!!!

AND WE HAVE A BED!!!  Who knew sleeping on the floor for two days could be so horrible??  I might have slept in the rig, but with temperatures outside in the high 90's, inside with no 50 amp service for air conditioning, would have been worse.  

The painters showed up at 7 am ... talk about prompt!!  You just can't begin to imagine the transformation that took place.  But the bed ... let me tell you about the bed.  Although I received two messages they would be late, the bed crew showed up right before the big storm, so it stayed dry.  It's soft, pillowy and wonderful since the head raises up so far.  It's LOVELY.  I had a great night's sleep with the exception one train, but with no aching hips, I went right back to sleep.

The second crew showed up with furniture around 4:00, right in the middle of a HUGE thunderstorm.  A monsoon of EPIC proportions that I've heard about but never seen up close and personal.  

It's a good thing the couch was wrapped in plastic, because it just poured buckets!  In two seconds outside, my shirt was completely soaked.  Luckily it quit just in time for the little kitchen table and chairs.
So here's the family room before.  Remember the turquoise?
Gone in a flash ... here's the new relaxing, bright AFTER family room where the puppies and I will spend most of our time.
Here's the front door before ....
And AFTER.  Actually, this room ended up being a tiny mistake.  I only had plans to paint this and one other wall to remove the pink.  The painters went a tiny bit too far on one wall in the family room.  To keep from having four colors of rooms, I decided to paint this entire room this soft gray.  
A little nervous when they started for fear it would be too dark, it's spectacular!!  It's so relaxing, matches the carpet perfectly, and with the white ceiling, it's my favorite room.
Once the furniture was delivered, the puppies were finally happy enough to settle down.  They just needed somewhere to park their little butts.  I put the old curtains back up and they match just fine.  The little wood table in front is a drop leaf with two chairs, perfect for drinking coffee as I look out my door at the beauty of Arizona.  This morning there have been quail, two big cottontails, three roadrunners and one big lizard.
The kitchen also changed dramatically as the pink disappeared under primer and paint.  Yes, it's costing me a little more in paint and labor, but it's worth it!
Here's the AFTER kitchen ..... I even cooked some chicken in the Instant Pot last night.  My first meal in Arizona.  Apparently Arizona doesn't know how good a cook I've become, because it came out terrible.  Not inedible, I choked it down, but it really was worthy of a burial.  So far however, my little acre of happiness has no cemetery.
As the storm was coming in, I took this picture.  I was sure there would be no rain since it was so hot, but Mother Nature fooled me with sheets of water like I've never seen.  The really good part is it soaked all the plants, since I haven't been able to figure out the sprinkler system.  That will be today's project.
Hopefully they will finish painting today.  There is still one small turquoise bathroom to transform.  Once done, I can finally hit the thrift and dollar stores for the stuff I need, like door mats and cleaning supplies.  I'm beginning to think I might just like living here!!


  1. Great color choices,much better.

    1. Thank you .... I'm very happy with the finished product.

  2. You've done wonders in a short time. Glad you took before and after photos.

    1. I usually forget things like that ... before and after pictures. I'm glad I was able to get these. It sure changed the look of the place!!

  3. So happy you got a bed. I would be crippled for life after 2 nights on the floor. Love the changes you've made

    1. LOL ... I've had to sleep on the floor many times with the puppies. Guess I'm kind of used to it by now.

  4. Oh, yes. Much calmer colors.

    Sorry you had to sleep on the floor two nights. I would have been in the RV with all the windows open and my fan blowing right on me since i cannot get up from the floor without pain let alone sleep on it.

    1. Oh I thought about it Linda, but it was just TOO hot. Even with a fan, it was around 110 inside the rig. I can barely sleep when it's 80 degrees!! LOL

  5. What a different a gallon of paint will do
    Well Dorothy get your bumble shoot out and hang onto Todo
    The monsoon season begins on June 15 ( well like maybe like yesterday )and ends on September 30, but the storms peak between mid-July and mid-August. On average, about half of Arizona receives about half of its annual rainfall during the monsoon.
    And that's only half of it, wait till you get a full-blown dust storm
    I don't know if Tucson get any but I do know Phoenix gets a lot and we used to beat feet up to the top of the mountain and watch roll through
    Check with Mr. C if they have any in your area but if you're driving get way off the road before it hits you won't see your hand in front of your face
    Mexican food do they deliver
    Albertson I thinks coming in soon in your neighborhood

    1. I've heard of those storms in Phoenix. I don't think they have them here, but I'll definitely check. No, Mexican food does not deliver, but they are only a mile away!! And yes on Albertsons or Safeway, not sure which, will also be a mile away. Can't wait for THAT!!

  6. Everything looks AmaZinG!!
    And that final shot...
    JUST Beautiful!!!
    Congratulations!!! :D