Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ya Know How It Goes?

First off, ya know how I said I'm terrible with names?  Well in case you were an early reader yesterday, Pat's husband's name is JIM ... not Bill.  My apologies to JIM.  He's such a nice guy, he probably doesn't care, but my apologies anyway!!

Ya know how it goes when the moon stays up all night and then it gets light around 4:00 am?  Yup ... that's how it's been going here.  There's one thing to say about not getting great sleep ... every once in awhile you just crash and burn.  Last night I didn't hear a single train.  Interestingly enough, the trains on the tracks closest to me run their last one at 9:00 pm with their first morning run being 6:00.  It works for me!!
Ya know how it goes when you have Plan A and no backup?  Plan A was to forego all the "house" stuff and try to find something to wear.  My three summer shirts didn't last long in 102 degree weather, not to mention my one and only pair of shorts.  In spite of the traffic and hoards of people (doesn't anyone work on Friday?  Is school out?) I made it to J C Pennys ... a store much bigger than my Walmart.  I am SO not used to this!!

Ya know how trying on clothes is the pits when you've gained weight?  I don't know what in the world I was thinking, but I even tried on bathing suits.  I have no idea why, because you'll NEVER see me in one.  It was a bad idea ... depressing in fact.  Since Pat was able to get the treadmill (left by the previous owner) to work, I'm getting on it as soon as I finish typing!!

Ya know how it is to wait in line when there are only two checkout stands in this HUGE store? The two next in line had an entire grocery basket FULL to the brim.  As they finally moved up, they went through everything item by item ... nope too much, nope no coupon, I don't know, should I get this?  The second cashier had a lady with three teenage girls and twelve bathing suits.  Nope, no coupon.  Nope, too expensive.  Nope, not on sale.  Several people just dropped their items and left the line.

Thirty minutes later I finally got to the register.  Yes, I'll take them all!!!  Just ring 'em up, you've got eight more people in line.

Ya know how it goes when you get a hankering for something good?  Back in my car at 112 degrees, I pulled up Beyond Bread on my phone.  Gosh, it looks to be just a couple of miles away, and off I went.  After about three miles, I looked again, to find that Google had shrunk the map so it looked like it was close.  It wasn't.  I had no Plan B.  I was committed.  Eight miles later, I arrived at my destination.

The place was packed ... not even one single seat, inside or outside.  I tried to order the same sandwich we had before, but alas, it's only available on whatever day it was then.  Okay, just a regular Reuben sandwich thank you.

Ya know how it goes when you order something and it's not at all what you expected?  I'm not a fan of sauerkraut.  Not even a little bit.  I'm proud to say it has only touched my lips ONCE in my lifetime.  Well twice now, because when I arrived home, I bit into a huge Reuben sandwich with the biggest pile of sauerkraut on it I've ever seen.  RATS!!  I was SO looking forward to that great sandwich!!  I choked down half of it and saved the rest for Miss Patty.  Had she not been around, it would have died a horrible death as the first entry in my cemetery.

Ya know how it goes if you remain perfectly still, critters will come visiting?  There are bunnies all around.  I finally caught this one yesterday after making sure the drip system was working down the hill.  It drips water into containers every morning when the sprinklers come on, for the quail, squirrels, bunnies and deer.  Look at those ears!
In no time at all, he was off as others stopped in for a sip.  I could sit here all day and watch for them.
Next up was a huge roadrunner.  I've seen several juveniles hanging out, but this guy ... he's BIG!!  That's a garbage can lid on the ground.  Funny, I haven't seen or heard any coyotes this trip.  I'm guessing they are further up in the hills where it's a tad bit cooler.  Yes, the last couple of days have been above 100, but the nights cool off considerably.
Ya know how it goes when you wait and wait for something to happen ... and when it does, you're so surprised and thrilled that it happened to you that you freeze up and forget to get pictures?  Well that's what happened to me last night ... but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to show you, because THIS time I DID get the pictures.  


  1. Yep, been there, done that with all above, except I like Sauerkraut, do not like corn beef.

    1. When your mouth is watering for the best sandwich ever and you find out it has sauerkraut!! LOL

  2. After 5 days the Train schedules down pat I see

    1. Yup ... I'm such a light sleeper, I had that in TWO days!!

  3. Love the Sunrise Picture and that Rabbit looks like it has a smile on its face.
    Sauerkraut is actually good for you but since you don't like it next time you order a Ruben just tell them to hold the Kraut.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you ... those rabbits are just cutie pies!! I think next time I'll be sure and go on Saturday for that sandwich!!