Sunday, June 25, 2017

Looks Can Be Deceiving In The Desert

Things aren't as they seem in the desert.  With those thunder clouds right above my back yard, you would think it was raining cats and dogs.  Looks can be deceiving however, as 103 degree temps and clouds make for rain that mostly evaporates before it hits the ground.
Although blocking the sun, which lowers the temperature several degrees, the clouds never did let go of very much water.
I took pictures of the big wet drops on my back walkway just to prove it DID rain.  The only thing accomplished was humidity!!  So here it was a beautiful HOT blue sky day, with black clouds and rain in the desert.  They keep telling me it's monsoon season.  I wish it would get here soon!!
With more rain expected early this week, I panicked over my forgetfulness and not getting my rig roof repaired.  Try as I might not to bother the Chance household constantly, this one definitely requires Dan's expertise.  He brought it with him in a caulking gun.

I already had the ladder set up ... you know anyone over 50 shouldn't be on top of a ladder, let alone the top of a motorhome.  We break the rules all the time.  After some investigation, it seems that a four inch space of eternabond did not have the "bond" under the tape.  For whatever reason, probably a tree limb, the remaining tape tore, but there was no hole or exposure to allow rain to enter the rig.  

Dan said he could easily cover the entire area with Dicor, sealing the edges of the torn tape and filling in the area devoid of bonding material.  That worked for me.  He was done in a flash.  Just to be sure, he doubled checked all the other areas on the roof.  Everything looked good.  Now I know what to look for, I'll be a little more vigilant.  

On a short walk a few days ago, just to see where the property lines are ... they could be anywhere since nothing seems to quite line up ... I spotted this guy chirping up a storm on top of a very tall ocotillo.  He looked kind of rough, so I gave him what for ... he should be keeping his feathers a little more tidy.
He flew right down to my feet.  Yikes!!  I'm sorry ... I didn't mean to offend!!  He bravely walked right up to me.  I thought birds in the desert were wild!!  I took a step back, he followed.  I ran ... he chased me a short distance, then flew away.  I guess I better keep my opinions to myself!!
Then there were these guys ... I think a family of four, although it was so dark I could hardly see.  I only heard the grunt grunt of pigs .... or rather javelinas.  I instantly grabbed my camera and turned the settings to 0-Dark-Thirty for a picture.  The camera wouldn't focus.  RATS!!  The first couple of pictures were blurry. 

They dumped over the water bucket and proceeded to dig into the now soft wet dirt.  At least they left the water station alone!
The camera lens needs some kind of definition to focus on.  I quickly flipped the focus switch to OFF and set the lens to infinity before they got away from me.  Not really even seeing what I was capturing, I snapped away.  
I know I called them pigs, but looks can be deceiving here too.  Back in California, our hunters at the Shooting Range I ran, were always hunting wild pigs ... feral hogs to be exact.  Although they look much like these, they are not the same.  Javelina are smaller native species that feed on prickly pear, as evidenced by the bits and pieces left on my front walkway.  Also known as peccaries, javelinas are a totally separate family of mammals.  They have no problem invading human spaces and are known to hang out in Phoenix and Tucson.  Who knew?  They look like pigs to me!!

Although I thought they kept going around the property, they fooled me and backtracked to the other side of the house, where they dumped over another water bucket and rooted holes around the base of a couple of trees.  I think some motion lights might be in order!!

Today I've been invited to a poker party!!  Several households in the subdivision get together once a month, more for the food than the poker.  It's a chance to meet more of my neighbors.  You KNOW I'm not cooking anything for this first time meeting.  No use testing my luck.  I bought a pie!!  I'm terrible at poker, but that's okay ... they will be happy I contributed to the pot.

Stay tuned as I catch up on my images ... you won't believe what I caught on camera!!


  1. It's great that you were able to get some pretty good shots of the javelinas. They are strange little animals. And I loved the bird story. You seem to have a way with animals, wild or tame! Hope the monsoon storms get going soon. It will help cool the desert down a bit.

    1. Thank you Sharon ... I do seem to have an attachment to animals. I'm hoping it cools down soon too. The first week was a novelty ... now it's just hot!!

  2. On the rare occasion we decide to gamble we decide in advance how much we're willing to pay for a night's entertainment. :)

    1. These are penny ante poker ... it's a $5.00 buy in and they play all night!! That's MY kind of gambling!!