Monday, June 5, 2017

Some Inside Shots

I was up bright and early yesterday ... not really, but it gets light early in Tucson, so the puppies were up and at 'em by 5:00.  That's okay by me, since I can open all the windows and turn on the fans to cool us off.    This time I took the puppies with me to Lost Horse Ranch.

First stop, the back yard to check out the critters.  There are baby quail hatching all around.  No pictures, but I saw a momma with about a dozen babies, barely one inch high, scurrying around like cockroaches ... only MUCH cuter!!  In no time, the sprinklers came on and chased them off, so I was able to let the dogs out.  So far no one has tried to jump the fence!!
With this much bright sunshine outside, the inside pictures are kind of blown out, but you get the idea.  Here's the television I just bought.  The table was left by the previous owners.  This is the family room area and will probably be the most used since it has the biggest windows to the outside view.
Just to the right of the TV is the fireplace!!  SCORE!!!  Yup .. I even got the fireplace I wanted.  As you can see, there are some areas that require painting ... southwest adobe but with too much pink in it isn't for me.  Hopefully the painter will be by this morning for an estimate.  I'm not sure how that's going to go since he doesn't speak English.  Last night however, Patty sent me a message to Google translations and sure enough ... I can type in English and it will translate.  That will save lots of time.
To the left of the TV is the kitchen ... HUGE comes to mind, with a nice sized island in the middle.  Not that I have anything to fill them up with, but this house has storage cabinets everywhere.  Wood floors don't work well in these structures, but really REAL looking wood linoleum works perfect for me and the puppies.
Speaking of which, they went crazy when they got in the house.  They ran from room to room around the entire house.  They are a little camera shy, like five-year olds and wouldn't look at me for a picture.  While I cleaned up and put stuff away, they slept in their new bed.  
The cleanup crew showed up right on time ... you remember, the guys Pat picked up in the gas station?  They had a huge trailer that I figured was WAY too big for the job.  Apparently both retired, they do cleanup jobs for investment companies all around Arizona.  What good luck that Pat ran into them.  They were fast and efficient, with the help of Dan's little orange tractor (it's actually a big backhoe) as he picked up the big stuff and topped off the trailer.  

They had given me a bid of $175, but honestly, they worked so hard and that trailer was full to the very brim ... I paid them the original $200 they asked for, just because they were such hard workers.  That's rather hard to find nowadays.

With that done, I did more cleaning and pickup while the puppies made themselves at home.  Miss Jessie promptly took over my chair.
With no other space at the moment, Cooper and I sat on the rock hard coffee table.  
If I'm real lucky today, my new bed will be delivered.  Please keep your fingers and toes crossed, otherwise the puppies and I will be sleeping on the floor.  I'm moving the rig over to the house this morning where I'll plug it in to 110 just for the household refrigerator.  I have a few more things to unload and another LONG list of needs from Walmart and Home Depot.  The rest of the furniture will be delivered on Wednesday they say.

In the meantime, there are three bright turquoise alcoves that need to have some KILZ painted over them before the painter can begin.  Might as well get my hands dirty right from the start!


  1. When you go to Home Depot get the hundred different colors chips that you like Your minds eyes are guaranteed to throw out the first 10 that you really think look nice
    If the garage is on the same side as the RV you will have 20 amp service where the house is usually set at 15 amp

    1. Exactly what I did Ed ... color chip are taped all over the house!

  2. Your new house and yard look great, Nancy. I am so happy for you!

    1. Thank you Carol. I think it will be nicer when it's NOT June and rather hot, however.

  3. Open lots of windows. I nearly killed a friend who painted KILZ in a closet under the eaves for me.

    1. Good heavens ... glad your friend was okay. Great advice! Thank you!!

  4. I can't wait to see more photos. The pups seem to have adapted already.

    1. The puppies are pretty much happy campers, but they still have a few adjustments to make!! It will be SO much better when I get a BED!!

  5. Omg QUAIL!!!!!!!
    I've SO missed their presence in the valley!! They used to be SO plentiful...
    Thank you for sharing that!!
    Love the light and the fireplace...
    And the babies seem content. <3
    I hope the bed came and is nice and comfy!!
    Still catching up with you...
    Next!! ;-)