Thursday, June 1, 2017

Don't You Just Hate It??

Here you are, all packed up and ready to go.  You gather up the puppies to carry them to your rig because they won't go of their own accord ... they know what's up ... and BAM!!  There it is on the ground.  Jessie's bandage ... for the fourteenth time.   Don't you just hate it when that happens??

Back to the house we went for a re-do.  Only THIS time, her leg was very red, swollen and hot to the touch.  Not good my little friend!  You can tell from the picture where we ended up.  I made an emergency call to the Vet's office and got in immediately.  I figured my trip was going to be postponed a day or two.
The good news was she had no fever, meaning no infection.  The problem was caused by the swelling in the top of her leg.  It was so bad that blood could go down the leg, but not back up, causing swelling the entire length of her leg.  A pressure bandage should do it he said.  So here she is in her new purple digs the length of her leg.  She doesn't mind it at all.  The wound has healed very well and doesn't seem to bother her.  Hopefully with a little added cortisone, she'll be fine.
Back home a few bucks lighter in the wallet, I drug them kicking and screaming to the rig.  I again went through everything on my list to be sure I didn't forget something and we were off.  Lucky for me, the rain had quit just in time.  The four hour drive to Tehachapi Mountain RV Park was eventless, if you don't count that big truck and trailer slamming on his brakes in front of me for no reason.  

I'm not sure if he missed his offramp or was just trying to piss off the guy in the car behind him, but it caused me to hit MY brakes a little hard, sliding everything in the rig forward two feet.  When Nick Russell, world renown author and RV Pro tells you to tie things down, believe me, you should do it.  Thankfully, nothing hit the floor, but my bungee cords were stretched to the maximum!!  
There were some dark skies when I arrived at the glider airport, but they just provided cover from the sun.  It was cool and beautiful ... but where did all these windmills come from?  
I don't remember them being here last time I traveled through.  I probably just wasn't paying attention.  Down to the 40's last night, I was glad I set my heater to come on when necessary.  
Up early this morning, I'll be off again headed for 95 degree Quartzsite and a 50 amp service.  I'm pretty sure there won't be cloud cover to keep us cool.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes ... and Jessie thanks you for your good thoughts.  They made her feel much better!!


  1. Those windmills have been there for a long time. I'm shocked the photographer hasn't seen them before. On the other hand maybe she did see them and just forgot. I think that is the most concentrated amount of wind turbines in the country. Welcome back to the road. Glad to hear it was just a scare with Jessie. Jim M

    1. I think those windmills just popped up out of the ground Jim. Surely my memory isn't bad, right? LOL

  2. There are Windmill Farms popping up all over the place. (Wonder what they use for seeds?)
    Glad Jessie's wounds are healing.
    Enjoy the warmth of Quartzsite, we would appreciate about now.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. See ... I thought they just sprouted!!! LOL It's definitely warm at 93 (feels like 88 they say)

  3. And you said it was raining I hope you put something on that ripped seam on the roof
    There something wrong with this picture ,,, if you're going from 40° to 95°
    And you definitely don't want to know the next seven days forecast
    Let's just say there will be triple digit numbers instead of the two digit numbers
    I know you're going to use the Arizona cliché it's dry heat
    Like Long Beach Washington is 55° but wet heat
    If you give the dogs a half a Benadryl they'll sleep most of the trip
    Did we Forget our 6 Mississippis
    Like in one Mississippi 2 Mississippi three Mississippi 4 Mississippi five Mississippi and one more Mississippi for safe measure distance for the dingbat in front of you. Or if you could read the name on the back of the truck you're too close.
    Just think once you get to Quartzsite you can put your Annie Oakley outfit on and yeehaw have a safe trip

    1. I did NOT get anything over the roof that needs patching. Bad Nancy!! Who expected rain in June?? So far the heat is not too bad, as long as you're sitting in the shade with a nice cool drink!!

  4. Hope you had a safe trip Nancy, and Happy B-Day to you.

    1. Thank you Dave ... so far so good. Only 4 more hours to go!

  5. Sorry about the hospital run... :(
    Beautiful pix as always though...
    Yaaaay, you were on your way!!!
    LOVE Tehachapi!! And yes, the windmills have been there for a while, we love the drive to Vegas!!
    I've missed SO much on here!! Time to catch up with you!! <3