Friday, June 16, 2017

Electricity - Not My Forte!!

Next on the list - electrical connection for the RV. All I know about electricity is to flip the switch. Just to prove it, when I headed off to town, I couldn't get the garage door to work. I sprayed lubricant on the track. It didn't help.   Eventually I figured out none of the lights worked and went to the main panel. I flipped the 20 amp switch and what do you know - power!!

I was off to Home Depot for a pressure treated 4x4. None existed of course. I seem to have that problem with MEN stores. Next stop Lowes where a nice guy in aisle 435 helped me find them. It's a big store!!  With all my seats down my big $11 8 foot long purchase fit in my Jeep with room to spare. 

Upon arriving home, I called Handyman Bob. He's a retired contractor in my area who has agreed to help with the electrical connections. I'm not sure of my level of confidence, but the Electrical Contractor wanted $400. $150 for parts, $250 for labor. That's pretty steep. Since Mr Chance will be overseeing the whole thing, I think I'll be okay, since Dan wired the plugs at his house.

Day two without my computer. The withdrawal symptoms are beginning to nag at me. Can't check my accounts - have no idea if I've any money left - and can't process my pictures, not to mention typing my blog on a teeny tiny screen where I can't even see most of the words. You'll be happy to know the deer have not been here in a couple days, so you won't be inundated with photos upon the computers return. I apologize for bad English and misspelled words. Proofreading is not the easiest when constantly scrolling.

So now it's shovel time - wish us luck on our electrical endeavor!!!


  1. Wish we were there, I could have done the electric work for you.

    1. That had crossed my mind!!! It's okay though. You have bigger fish to fry!!! There's only 4 wires so we can't screw up too bad! I hope!!!