Monday, June 12, 2017

Don't Send Me To Jail!!

Heavens to Betsy!!  I had no idea you were not supposed to feed the animals in Arizona.  Apparently it's okay to feed the birds, but the rest of the critters are a no-no.  Please don't send me to the big house!!  I never did have any intentions of feeding the deer.   I know that can cause problems.  Since I always have so many leftover carrots from Jonathan (I buy a bag, he eats six) I thought maybe the bunnies would like them.

Now I feel bad about this picture, but decided to show you anyway.  I promise I won't put out anything but water from now on!!  As it turned out, the rabbits weren't interested.  The squirrels ate about half.
Try as I might to get both water stations going, the drip system only wanted to work on the bottom container, and not all that often, in spite of the sprinkler settings.  A couple of dove came over to find the container empty.
Here's a little push-up lizard.  I'm sure it has a REAL name, but I have no idea what it is.  In spite of my SMILE for the camera, they won't hold still long enough to get a good picture so I can check it out on the internet.  Dan calls it a push-up lizard because he bends his little arms and does push-ups while he's basking in the shade.  Cute little guys.  I hope they are busy eating bugs around the house.  So far I've found five critters INSIDE.  They are now deceased.  Smashed to smithereens.  I couldn't even tell you what they once were.
I just love watching the quail families.  Here's dad keeping watch while mom and his two babies meander through the grass looking for dinner.  They come every morning and night.  Another family with three babies share the dinner table with them.  You can buy quail blocks to feed them at Walmart, but I didn't want to do that unless I was here to KEEP feeding them.  
Patty and I headed off to Green Valley to finish off the last of my "need this" list, but of course I forgot to take the list.  We did pretty good, adding to it two chairs and a gallon of Home Defense bug spray from Big Lots.  What a find!!  Big Lots in California is a dump of epic proportions.  I NEVER go there.  Here, it's full of good stuff where I filled half of my list.  Watch out for those prices though.  Home Defense at Big Lots - $14.  Home Defense at Ace Hardware - $5.99 with a rewards card.

While looking for a better water station, Patty and I came up with a roasting pan from Walmart.  It's metal so will last, just the right depth and will hold plenty of water.  Last night I completely rebuilt the water lines and tested the drip system to see if it worked.  I used bigger nozzles so more water will come out in the short five minutes it runs.  Today we'll see how the critters like it.

I had another surprise visitor yesterday morning, but I'm saving those pictures for tomorrow.  I sat on the porch last night in my two new $24 chairs from Big Lots and watched the sun set.
On today's schedule ... call the Electricity Expert and get a 50 amp plug set up for my rig, get a locksmith to change all the locks to only ONE key, put out the old garbage cans because the new ones arrived that cost less than Waste Management and spray the house inside and out for bugs.  I will have a pest service guy, but haven't been able to catch up with him yet.  Still so much to get done.  

For now, I'm fixing a cup of coffee and sitting on the patio enjoying the cool morning air.  Wish you were here!!


  1. In 2006, the Arizona Legislature passed a “no feeding wildlife” law, making it illegal to feed wildlife (except birds and tree squirrels) in Pima, Pinal and Maricopa counties. Unfortunately, tree squirrels are up in the mountains so you can't use that as a defense!

    1. Okay then ... I'm not feeding carrots any more. Thank you for the info Dave.

  2. You said you don't know what the 5 smashed critters in the house were. I think the word is mush. Have you considered putting in 2 50 Amps or a 50/30 amp pedestal for company? Nick might want to come help with the electrical in October. Jim M

    1. I have though of putting in two hookups, but honestly Jim, there's not room. I'm on a sloping hill with a narrow access. If I add another hookup, it will be in the middle of my driveway. I can always plug into an outlet just for my fridge, and give someone else the hookup ... assuming of course we can actually get two rigs IN without one falling off the mountain of a pad. I'll post some pictures.

  3. Nick did say that he was heading to Arizona to visit Friends and Relatives so is you just widen the pad for two RVs I'm certain Nick and Terry wouldn't mind helping you out. The materials are expensive but the labor is at least twice that amount.
    As part of your defence just say you were expecting Bugs Bunny over for the carrots.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Ahahahaha ... well I WAS expecting Bugs Bunny!! Unfortunately the pad cannot be widened without encroaching on the neighbor's property. Too bad cuz I'd LOVE to have room for two!!