Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's Heating Up!!

The predicted 110 didn't happen, although Tucson was reminiscent of a toaster oven.  I went way down yonder early in the morning to return $100 worth of stuff I didn't need to Home Depot. By 11:00 it was 108, but in heading back home, it cooled off to 105 at my house. A good day to stay inside and practice my list making skills.

DEER!!!  Momma and her baby came back for a quick snack and a drink as did five bunnies. I think I should instill more wild traits in my puppies. Even the birds dont get up until 7:00.

It's been a lovely couple of nights with Miss Jessie getting sick around 1:00 am. Nothing wakes me up faster than a dog getting sick on my bed!!  I was finally able to contact the pest control service to be sure there was nothing in the back yard she might get in to. Nothing - nada he said.  It's good to know these things - and since he gave me a good description of scorpions, rest assured I have NOT seen one - YET!!

I even took a shot at trimming the bushes early in the morning while it was still cool. The roses look much better and I now have an unobstructed view of the water station. It's so peaceful and quiet, except for the occasional train which I love to watch. Yesterday I saw an entire train of HumVees, tanks and military equipment going by. What a sight to behold!!

I was home by 11:00 and stayed inside the rest of the day. I've discovered my tolerance for heat is better than I thought, except at night. I've changed the AC settings a dozen times to where I'm comfortable. That night setting of 83 just isn't going to hack it. I need cool to sleep. I'll sacrifice a daytime degree or two to have cool nights. With last months bill a total of $80 - that's right, $80 for a month - I can splurge a little!!  In California that bill would be $400. I kid you not!!!

In other news, the computer repair is done (I found you could actually check its progress on line) and should be in the mail today. Hopefully I'll have it by tomorrow at the latest, just in time to be totally frustrated by it.   Computers are like that. I envision losing my Photoshop program and having to download from the cloud with my not-so-powerful Verizon MiFi. Another trip to Way Down Yonder may be required.

Another scorcher is predicted for today, so I better get going. I picked up some solar blinking lights for under the rig. Dan says they keep the dreaded pack rats away. Between rid-a-rat, the lights and my pest guy, I should be safe - maybe!!!

With storm clouds on the horizon, the sunrise is gorgeous. I'll be sitting on the patio!!


  1. Somewhere in your travels at the hardware store pick up a small window air conditioner,if you set that in your window properly,Close the door you can set your house at any temperature you want, to have a cold room
    And if the darkness is what you want Lowes has in the window shade department window shades that are dark keeps a light out
    Might even be enough to fool the puppies
    If the military equipment is heading west, we know where they're heading ?

    1. You're going to laugh. I found window shades on the windows! Much better!

  2. Wow. $80 for 30 days = 2.66 pr. day
    If you get your bill online there may be a graft that tells you how many kw, you used during the 30 /31 day cycle it's very interesting to see
    Also APL probably has a budget program, by where you only pay xx Per month based on 12 months
    My budget here in Florida is $85 a month it's nice when they said January and February payment not deducted

    And as for you thermostat at either one of your houses , they make a smart thermostatso that you can use your Smartphone to change the settings
    turn it up for the dogs when you leave and turn it down before you get home after shopping
    They also make a wireless nanny cam if you keep the dogs in one room and you can use your smart phone to spy on the rascals

    1. I have a smart thermostat - it's just smarter than me at the moment!!

  3. Make sure you turn your shoes upside down before you put them on.

    1. Great advice!!! I also met with the Pest Control company!!

  4. Looking forward to seeing pictures again.... :)