Saturday, June 3, 2017

You Chose Well My Son!!

What a day!!!  Quartzsite didn't cool off much at all as I closed up the rig and headed East.  I set the AC thermostat so it would run on the generator when I turned it on.  I figured with outside temps of 95, the inside would only get hotter.  I was right.

It being Friday there was lots of traffic, most of it being big trucks.  As we headed up the first big hill, I passed them like nothing, always keeping an eye on my temperature gauge.  As soon as they hit the crest of the hill, they came screaming down 75 mph and passed me like I was standing still, because I'm still going only 58 mph (I get great mileage that way).  TAG!!  YOU'RE IT!!  Until the next hill when I passed them up again.

After a little over four hours, I landed at the Pima County Fairgrounds ... the one you all stayed at for the Escapade.  Since no one knows they are now open all summer long, I had my choice of 400 parking spaces.  I chose BADLY!!  (From the Indiana Jones movie?)

I like the back section that has the oleander bush wall behind you.  When the wind blows, it keeps most of the dirt out of the rig.  There were five 50 amp services there, and I imagine I chose the only one that had low voltage.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I parked, easy peasy since there were only two motorhomes on the entire fairgrounds, and turned on the air.  Once set up, I headed off to meet Patty and Dan at the new house.  It was weird.  Even though I know I bought it, it just doesn't feel like my home at all.  I guess it just needs my decorating skills ... which I'm in short supply of.

At any rate, they left some furniture, dishes, pots and pans as payment for the twelve days they stayed after the closing date.  Lucky for me, that also included the little lawn mower for the back yard.
I think they were on about truck load #7 of fill dirt when I arrived.  Dan was pushing the dirt back and leveling the RV pad.  When he had to leave, I sat in the chair (previously Patty's job) and wet the ground down while I waited for the last three loads.  
The best part of all was when two families of quail stopped by to say hello.  They seem to like the drip water setup below the yard.  Even in 93 degree weather, with a little breeze it wasn't too terrible to sit outside and enjoy the view.  

I unloaded the Jeep, making an even bigger mess in the house.  Shelves need paper, drawers need dividers ... just lots of things I need to pick up before I can even begin.  I made a huge list.  My plan was to hit Walmart for a television, but the last load of rock came about 5:30 and I was worried about the puppies .... with good reason.
When I got back to the rig, it was 87 degrees inside and everyone, including Jonathan, was panting.  I instantly saw the power had gone off.  I hit the generator button and the AC's screamed to life.  When I checked my EMS system ... definitely a life and equipment saver ... I found the error code said low voltage.  YIKES!!!  It was reading 121 on one leg, 100 on the other.  I reset everything and tried it again.  Nope ... not gonna work!!

I spotted the Night Guard on my way in, so I drove over to ask if he had any phone numbers for the Fairgrounds Crew.   With no luck on that front, my only choice was to move ... meaning put everything away!!!  RATS!!  I was already tired from the long drive and the heat of the day, but I had no choice.

I decided to hit the front of the fairgrounds where all the new electrical and sewer had been installed. Nothing like working in the heat at 8:30 at night..  The good news (hopefully) is that I chose WELL this time.  I cranked up both AC units and everything else I could think of to test the system.  It seems to be okay.  
That's when I got the message that Dish Network would be at my house between 8 and 10 am.  Wait ... I don't even have a television yet!!  So I jumped in the Jeep and drove way too fast to Walmart.  I was pretty disappointed they have minimized their television section.  They had mostly Vizio's.  Though they advertise lots of other brands, there were few to be had.

There was no way the big ones would fit in my Jeep, not that I need one anyway, my home TV is very small.  The alternative was to drive WAY to far for that time of night.  I chose WELL again I hope, with this 43" Sanyo for $300, with a 3 year warranty for $36 more.  We shall see when the technician arrives this morning.
Almost 10:00 pm, the motorcycle races were still going, but I was so tired I actually fell asleep on the couch, which has recently become a habit.  

Today I'm headed back to the house to meet the Dish guy and maybe put a few things away.  I'll try to get more pictures before heading off to a furniture store.  I'm in need of a couch and most importantly, a BED!!!!


  1. What fun,to furnish a home from scratch.

    1. It IS .. especially since I'm such a shopper and there are actually stores here when you can buy things (unlike in my home town).

  2. local furniture stores $$$$$
    Let's see Dan's got a pick up truck #
    Thank craigslist. Listing under furniture $$
    And the fun of walking through furniture thrift stores $$
    They also have air TV which picks up your local stations free
    If you have dish network assuming you have a commitment contract will you be able to get a satellite tracker for your RV and take it wherever you go
    If you have one in California can you transfer the box to Arizona
    And then back to California as you travel ?

    1. The best part of all is the stores have AMAZING air conditioning!! I already DO have a dish on my rig ... so adding one for the house was a cinch.

  3. Leaving the dogs in heat with AC going is our fear too, but we have never had a time that the AC went off while we were gone.

    1. I worry constantly Dave. It's gone off maybe four times in all, once getting up to 93 degrees. Poor puppies were so hot I poured water on them to cool them off. So far the new electrical seems to be working fine.

    2. Some of those Class A's have a "auto on" generator just in case the power goes off...are you sure yours doesn't have that???

  4. Thank goodness you got back to the RV on time to relocate to a site with power. Our EMS has saved us a number of times.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Exactly!! I always make it a point not to be gone long when it's hot in the rig. My EMS has saved me a lot in replaced equipment, that's for sure!! From low voltage to open grounds ... it's a keeper for sure.