Sunday, June 4, 2017

Shopping ... A Good Hobby in Arizona

So it's a little hot in Arizona in June, but you already knew that.  At least it's only for one month, unlike where I come from where the summers run about 4 months long at that temperature.  My car got up to triple digits yesterday, but I think it was really in the 95 range.

When I arrived at the house, I straightened things up, put away what little I had brought with me, then sat on the porch for a few minutes enjoying the view.  What should appear but my very first TRAIN!!  I loved it!!!  I could sit there for hours and watch the trains and the animals, but it's back to work.
First up ... meet the Dish Network guy.  After three emails, two text messages and two phone calls saying he was coming, he showed up early.  TV installed!  He was gone in 40 minutes.  Then came more phone calls ... five in all to see if I was happy with the Tech.  Every time I answered, they hung up on me.  Happy isn't quite the word that comes to mind.  At any rate, time to meet up with Pat (my new neighbor) and Miss Patty.  Pat has been around, and I mean that in a good sense ... she knows where to go for everything and every sale!!

So when the weather gets hot, go shopping!!   All the stores around here have their air conditioning set on HIGH, making it nice and comfortable to hang out.   It's even MORE fun if you get to lay around on the beds with the salesman!!  Aww look ... we match!!

This was Ashley Furniture Store ... a good choice in my book for the big basics I need.  They have some high end furniture and some lower end, even a huge SALE room.  First off .... I need a bed.  The softest one I can find.  That old adage about sleeping on a hard bed is for the birds.  I was ready to buy this one when he happened to mention that I could get it with the adjustable frame.

Ooh Ooh ... I've always wanted to try that, since my breathing apparatus doesn't work so well laying down.  OMG people!!  This was fabulous!!  And unlike the ones in California that cost $2-3000, this one was only $1149.  I bought a bed with a full warranty for five years.
Next big ticket item ... a couch for the puppies and I.  Isn't she a beauty?  Falls right in to my cowboy/southwest theme nicely and was a great deal at $539.  It may not last forever, but neither will I.  I LOVE it!!
We spent another hour walking around the store, bigger than my Walmart even, and found a headboard and chest of drawers.  Since I was so excited about the bed, I forgot to take pictures.  Everything should be delivered by June 7.   We'll hit some thrift shops for the other things I need.

Since I was now broke, Miss Patty bought us lunch at Beyond Bread.  I've had a lot of sandwiches in my life, but this one tops the bill by a wide margin!!  It was so huge (this is only half), Patty and I shared an Everything Rueben on pretzel bread with cole slaw and Russian dressing.  BEST SANDWICH EVER!!  
By now the heat has gotten to all of us and I'm worried as always, about the puppies and the AC power at the rig.  They dropped me off back at the fairgrounds where I found everything to be ship shape.  The power was still going strong, in spite of the temperatures, which seem to reach their peak around 5:00 pm.  

As it finally cooled off, I made a mad dash to Walmart to pick up important things, like trash cans (they didn't have anything suitable), cleaning products, paper towels .. that kind of thing.  Early this morning I'm meeting the trash guys.

As I said, Pat knows everyone.  Though in this case, while she was getting gas, she saw a couple of guys that looked like they might do trash hauling.  I have a big pile of tree cuttings that are currently on the neighbor's property ... and he's a butt!!  So Pat asked these guys if they would follow her ... and believe it or not, they DID!!  She's so good at picking up men!!  Dan made the deal, and they will pick up everything this morning, keeping my neighbor happy.

Just a side note, Pat ALSO knows the HOA group very well ... and my neighbor's limousine business is against the rules.  He shouldn't be quite so snappy with his new neighbor!!

So I'm off again for some cleanup at the house.  I promise I already took pictures, but left my camera in the kitchen ... a BIG no-no.  I'll have some of the inside to show you tomorrow.  Before pictures ... before the painting, which you will totally understand when you see them.


  1. Good choice on the bed. Always wanted one that adjusts.

    1. Thank you!! I can't wait to try it out. I'll let you know if it's worth it!!

  2. HOA ; 🤞 Any rules on keeping an RV in your driveway

    1. Only that it be parked on the side and not in front. That was a problem with several places I looked at. Thank you for the heads up!!

  3. How fun to shop for furniture for your house! Hope you keep that crabby neighbor happy - not good to piss them off before you really move in.

    1. Right on both counts Sharon!! I like to be neighborly, so hopefully we'll get along just fine.

  4. WoW!!!! What a view!!! <3
    Sounds like you're crossing your t's and dotting those i's...
    It'll be perfect in no time!! Still catching up on your adventures...
    Missed them, and you!! <3