Thursday, June 15, 2017

There Are No Words

Other than what a dummy or oh $#¥&@?!! there are no words to explain it. It's my fault 100% for having a glass of water on the table. I spilled it when I reached behind the computer. I admit I said a lot of bad words when the display went black.

After being on the phone with the best Apple Tech I've ever worked with (he called me back three times to see if I needed further help) I took my computer to the Apple Store 50 minutes from my house. They too were very helpful, unlike some other people's experiences

Bottom line, it got wet, it has to be sent off for repairs. I'm banging my head against the wall as I type because here's the deal - it's not just any computer. It's a very specialized hand built computer for photography with extra equipment not found on your normal MacBook Pro. A replacement can be built for $4100 plus shipping and warranty. The repair will take 4 days and cost $1500. That's an expense I didn't need right now. I almost cried.

It's not that I don't have the money, I have a savings account for emergencies. I just thought that emergency would be something more like the start of my RV cover!!  I think I'll go drown my sorrows in a case of Pepsi!

In the meantime you will get a reprieve from deer pictures. I can post, but can't upload images. I'll probably get instant arthritis in my thumb since the keyboard is so small on my phone.

The other "happening" yesterday was the cutie pie electrician who showed up for my rigs 50 amp service. Not much for him to do since Dan is doing all the hard work with the tractor.  I should get his estimate today if I can figure out how to get to all my junk mail on my phone, since that's where it will go first.

My entire schedule has changed. It's funny how I've become so dependent on that computer. I do have a backup, but of course it's home with all my password info. So sorry Charlie, you shouldn't have ANY liquid on the table!!

While waiting at the fancy Mall that is LaEncantada, I stopped in at Crate and Barrel where one glass cost $12 and a cookie scoop $28. I'm definitely on the wrong side of town!  I spotted Williams Sonoma where the cookie scoop was only $15. I guess I've become a Walmart Girl.

On my way home I ordered a pizza from Arizona Pizza Company. Maybe THAT would make me feel better!!!

So - it's a waiting game until my baby is repaired and back home!!


  1. But your fingers and thumbs will get a lot of exercise! Sorry to hear, hope they can get it done in the time limit they have given you...

    1. Now that's the truth Dave!!! Hoping I get it back soon.

  2. We have a separate table for liquids that is at least three feet away from our computers. A very costly lesson.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

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    1. If you have an iPad Why not use that for your every day uploading downloading online affairs
      And one of the best parts Adobe lightroom & Photoshop as used in Mac books is free if you have an iPads and or iPhones (they're trying to in trice you to buy the desktop version assuming you already have that )
      You can transfer the photos over to the custom book for when you want to do the master photography
      And at the end of 30 days ask yourself how many times you taking out the big boy Mc

      Sent from my iPad

    2. Yup I have an iPad - at home. Lol. I think I'll start using it.

  4. Crate and barrel William Sonora and Kohl's I have a stop check on my credit card at the three houses of pleasure

    I'm soon to add that to fresh market ( way over my budget food store )as well