Friday, June 23, 2017

A Man And His Tractor

We're back in business baby!!!  Gosh ... I'm sure you can imagine how happy I am to have my computer up and running again.  What a relief!!  It did take me a full day to recover from my rampage.  I hate getting mad ... it makes me feel out of control, which is probably why I don't let it happen very often.  I spent most of the day yesterday on the couch getting rid of the headache it caused.

So here's a picture ... a REAL picture ... of the man on his tractor.  Having lived with and been involved with a construction company using lots of backhoes every day, I have to say Mr. Dan Chance is a TRACTOR man.  It takes more coordination than you can imagine to run one of these babies ... and he runs it very well.
He first dug a hole by hand for the 4x4 post at one end.  Then we went to the electrical box to dig that out.  There were wires and lines everywhere, some we never could identify other than they were cable ... not like electrical wires that could electrocute us.   He dug out the trench probably three feet, just to be sure he didn't hit anything important, like a gas line.  As he dug very gingerly, I kept a close watch on the hole for wires or pipes.

Once that was done, we ran down to Lowes for supplies, where we were greeted by the biggest creepy crawly I've ever seen.  It was the color of concrete and about three inches long.  YIKES!!!  Dan loaded up our supplies and we were on our way, ready for the wire installation.

June probably isn't the best month to do this work.  It was hot, although not as hot as it is now.  Between the two of us, we went through over a dozen bottles of water each day.  
Finally done with both the wire and the water line, Dan covered it up like a pro.  What would take a shovel three days, took him 20 minutes.  Now for the important stuff ... the hookup.  I think I already told you that story, so I won't regale you with the specifics again.  Dan wired the box and I've got a nice 50 amp service for my rig and a water line in the trench should I want to hook it up some day.  
That wasn't the end of the tractor work however.  Dan had the truckers haul in one really huge load of 3/4 inch gravel.  Bucket by bucket, he spread it over the entire driveway area.  When this dirt gets wet, it becomes a death trap of mud for vehicles.  He did such a good job, he really didn't need to rake anything, but we took turns smoothing it out.  Dan of course doing 7/8 while I did the rest. 
Here she is folks!!  My baby is backed in on her new real estate.  In the end, she will sit back a bit further, but Dan didn't want those rear tires to sink into the trench.  Once a few rains have hit and the dirt compacts, she will move back another ten feet.  
That was the big project ... the thing I most needed to complete ... also the most expensive and it's DONE DONE DONE thanks to the TRACTOR MAN!!

It's supposed to cool off today, down to 101 from the 115's we've been having.  Really, it's not that bad if you have a good air conditioning system.  I just stayed inside and played with the puppies.  Miss Jessie who has been sick three times a night for the last three days is finally well again so I can get some sleep.  Weird how I don't hear those trains at night, but a little dog throwing up brings me right to attention!!

Today I'm going to surf the internet, just because I can.  I'm happy to report that none of my checks will bounce because I was able to balance those accounts.  YAY FOR WORKING COMPUTERS!!


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  2. Nancy, I don’t know if it’s any consolation, the temperature has been in the triple digest here in the bay area for the last week. I’m sure your home in the valley was in the triple digest as. The only way to escape is head for the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Glad things are starting to fall in place for you thanks in part to your friend Dan.
    Hope Jessie starts being her old self again soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your computer.

    It's about time.

  4. We are in Tucson November through May. We get internet from Century Link during those months. We rent the modem and I think it's $40 a month. While we're gone, we put it on vacation hold, or suspense or whatever they call it. We could just turn it off, but I pay $10 a month for the hold, because I keep "dibs" on the port in the RV park office. The best part of it is that it's unlimited use - so cat videos for everybody!

    1. That's $40 for the modem and the internet combined.