Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day!!!

To all the Dads and Stepdads out there, Happy Fathers Day!!  I hope you have a great day with family and friends!  Even if you hate that tie, wear it anyway!!

In my world of scary electrical wiring, I'd like to tell you about the great job I did yesterday.  I cannot lie. I did absolutely nothing, even after watching the You Tube how to's on wiring a 50 amp plug.  If you need help, don't call me.  Call Dan or my friend Nick Russell, now that he's home from his one week trip through RV Hell!!!  

We ran into a little trouble because neither Dan nor I can read print that small when it's black on black. Dan got one side hot and even though we were BOTH totally hot in 96 degree sun, that second leg just wouldn't produce. I called Handyman Bob. Turns out he's used to reading small print, not to mention he can actually see. Problem solved.

Dan hooked up the second box like a pro and we were in business. Then he spent some tractor time filling in the trench with me on the shovel. I really wasn't much help.

Up next, spread 25 tons of gravel over the dirt. The first bucket spewed out so much dust we couldn't breathe. With the neighbor's driveway full of limousines, I saw a big car wash bill in my future. I got out the hose and tried to control the dust as best I could. At least he couldn't say we didn't try. It actually worked pretty well. Try as I might, pictures still won't load. I wish I could say my computer is fixed but I have no idea. The 3-4 days turns out to be NOT including the shipping days, and of course not Saturday and Sunday either.

So after raking and shoveling while gulping down 8 bottles of water, Dan and I finished the job. I parked the rig and did a test run on it's AC. It worked just perfectly. I think I only have a 100 amp service, so I'll have to watch the load I put on it, but I don't have to worry about the fridge and vent fans any more.  YAY!!!!

I can't thank Patty and Dan enough for doing all this work for me. I think I'll be buying hamburgers for Dan for the next ten years. I'm pretty much set now, with every item checked off my list. There are still things I could use for the house, but they will have to wait. Honestly, I can get by with what I have, but a Breville oven would be nice. Considering I exceeded my budget by $2,000 it will have to wait. I really need my computer back to see where I'm actually at!!

In the meantime, I'm slathering sunscreen all over my neck where I got sunburned. It's a small price to pay for my fabulous RV parking place.  Time to relax and enjoy!!!


  1. Here is a very good Arizona Summer tip
    work sun-up to 11 o'clock
    Have a siesta until four
    Work 4 PM Till sundown
    If all else fails hire Mexicans
    Go to Dollar General buy big magnifying glass

    1. Great idea!! I hate to tell you Ed, but I have a magnifying glass the previous owners left. Now I know why!!!

  2. Sunburn treatment that works: splash on white vinegar to stop the burning process. Then coat with Noxema which was actually invented as burn treatment. I even cary a small container of each in my car for when I am out unexpectedly since I burn so easily.

    1. Thank you Linda! I tried the vinegar. Worked like a charm.