Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Kind Of Visitor!!

If you're talking to me, I really AM paying attention, but I'm casting sidelong glances out the windows constantly looking for visitors.  What to my wondering eyes should appear but a doe and her baby!!  Right here in River City about 50 feet from my back door.  Who would have thought there were this many deer in the desert.  

Here mostly for the palo verde trees that are blooming like crazy, this Momma brought her baby to my door.  He's been shedding his baby spots so he's a little rough around the edges.
How do I know it's a he?  I enlarged this photo as big as I could and I spy horns.   Would you look at those ears?  They're almost bigger than his head!!
They continued browsing through the trees, snacking away before taking a VERY long drink at the water bucket.  
He's just a cutie patootie!!  I watched for about 30 minutes.  I know you are probably going to get tired of deer and bunny images, and I probably will too, in about three years!!
Mom ... leave me alone!!  The doe decided his ears were dirty and licked them for about ten minutes, all the while baby tried to move his head away.  There was no stopping her however, just like when Mom spit on a handkerchief and cleaned YOUR face!!  Finally they wandered off down the hill.  I still can't believe it.  I have palo verde trees, ocotillo, cactus, scrub brush and deer in my back yard.
While I waited for the locksmith, I noticed Miss Jessie had taken to a new spot.  It seems the back of the couch is now her territory.  Every time they go outside, I keep a wary eye out for predators.  Although I haven't heard any coyote, I know they are around, as is a bobcat that has been seen wandering the perimeter (not seen by me .... yet!)
Cooper on the other hand, in a rare moment of NOT playing the ball game, has taken over Jessie's bed.  I was not far behind him when the locksmith called to say they would be over an hour late.  I rescheduled for today.  I'm hoping he brings lots of ID.  You know me, always suspicious.  
Next up ... the electrician who should arrive tomorrow to give me a price on that 50 amp service for my rig.  Dan says the electrical wires left from the hot tub should work just perfectly for the rig, saving me a chunk of money ... that is if the electrician will use them.  Honestly, it's not that I need a 50 amp service, but I think it would be nice if I'm ever here in the summer again to keep the inside from baking any more than necessary.  

Since Dan arrived home after driving an RV from Vermont to San Diego ... yup that's right, over 3,000 miles in less than a week ... we had a celebratory dinner of Ugly Steaks and carbs (meaning corn and potatoes).  It was fabulous, as are all of Miss Patty's meals!!

One more trip to the far side of Tucson to Home Depot should net timers for the outside lights, some sliding glass door hardware to prevent unwanted guests and pruning shears to keep my view of the deer unobstructed.  Might as well get a few more ugly steaks while I'm there, after all Father's Day is coming up this Sunday.  

To top that, it's time to mow the lawn.  The previous owners left a lawnmower, but I have absolutely no idea how to make it go.  It should be interesting!!  Luckily, there is an Emergency Hospital just a few miles from here.


  1. We don't think you'll ever get tired of watching the Deer. We do the same with only Bunnies.
    Most Electricians prefer to run their own wires to add to the cost of the job.
    Wild animals live by the rule on nature so watch out for the dogs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Well I'm glad I won't be boring everyone with my deer pictures!! Yes, I'm sure the electrician will cost me a chunk ... I haven't found many that are not out for blood!!

  2. Replies
    1. We have Jan .... I'm sure we will have lots of good adventures here.

  3. Look like mule deer (big ears)
    There's antelope in higher elevation south of you in Mount Wrightson


  4. There's Snakes in your back yard as well carful with your step
    Know your snake
    Mojaves are dark almost black somewhat ez to see
    Mojaves greens. Still dark
    and westerns are llight brown not ez to see
    pdwesternIf you live in the Southwestern range of the deadly snakes known as the Mojave and the Western diamondback, then you probably already know that they are both very dangerous. Knowing the difference between the two is also very important because the Mojave has a very different type of venom. This difference can be deadly if you receive the wrong type of antivenom. For this reason, you should know the difference between these two dangerous snakes. Here is a guideline to use of differences:

    – The mojave usually has white and black bands on the tail. The white bands tend to be larger than the black. The western also has this pattern, but he bands tend to be the same size.

    – The mojave sometimes takes on a greenish tint in color, whereas the western diamondback does not.

    – The western diamondback tends to be a good deal larger,

    1. NOOOOO ... don't tell me that!! Yes, I know there are snakes around. My concrete block fence should keep most of them OUT and there is wire mesh on the bottoms of the gates. Still, I keep an eye out for the sake of the puppies.

  5. I still think you should get a Critter cam (Walmart has a great buy and return policy )and put it about 3 feet above the ground And 10 feet from your water dish aiming towards your water dish it would be interesting to see how many you have
    Most have a territory of 3 to 5 mi.²
    I'm willing to bet you've got Mr. coyote coming in your backyard at night
    And they're big enough to trip a infrared porch light sensor if you have one

    1. I agree about the coyotes. Haven't heard any, but that doesn't mean they aren't around, especially when they smell the dogs.

  6. Was the locksmith, if you can call him that, American or someone of Mid-east background. We had a problem with foreigners here doing what they did to you. Here in central Indiana, it would have been a $59 trip charge and $15 per cylinder. The picture you posted is of a double cylinder deadbolt and that would be #30 to re-key here. The next time, have some one babysit the house, take the locks off and take them to Lowe's or Home Depot and it will be about $5 per cylinder. Just hope they know what they are doing. I would get rid of that double cylinder deadbolt, they are a death trap. If it is on an interior door, keep something handy to break the window so you can get out in the event of fire and you can't find the key. All of my exterior doors have single cylinder deadbolts on them and the doors have glass in them, but double cylinder dead bolts make me very nervous. Take the door knobs in now to be re-keyed.

    I apologize for all of the legitimate locksmiths. This guy was a fraud.

    Do locksmiths have to be licensed in AZ?