Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Organized, The Weird and The Trashy!!!

Up early as usual with the dogs, I'm fixing the old mop (scrunching the hair) and using the hair spray sparingly, because as the ladies know, it sets off that alarm on the floor, scaring my dogs half to death.  To keep this from happening, I close the bedroom sliding door.  Big mistake today ... BIG!!!  It locked when I shut it a little too hard.  No problem, just turn the door lock and open it.  NOT!!!  You have got to be kidding me ... I'm locked in the bedroom!!!  Might be a good time to practice Mac's window escape!!  I push, pull, turn, tug, lift ... nothing works.  Looks like the lock is broken.  FINALLY ... with the help of my rat tail comb (something good from the 60's) ... I was able to lift the latch and force it open, escape artist that I am!!  A little bending with pliers later, the latch is repaired.  Time to hit the flea markets!!

I don't know if this was Rice Ranch or Tyson Wells or just plain flea market, but we walked through the trashy first.    Found some cool stuff, but nothing trashy enough to buy.
Junk EVERYWHERE!!!  Some good junk .... some crappy junk!!  Okay, all just plain junk here!!
Next up came the Weird.  I could smell it from the road.  A short walk to the back and I discovered a "still" in the process of making some horrible smelling alcohol.  I think the Weird wins!!!  I would have bought the teepee, but it's not for sale.
The organized was last, neat rows of fun stuff for your yard, including a horse and buggy.  Patty drug me away from this one ..... not enough room in the jeep.
We did find a place that had my kind of stuff ... cowhides, buffalo heads, all things fur related.  Clear Creek Trading from Sedona.  I thought three times about the buffalo head ... one third the normal price ... but knowing I had already spent a bunch on my remodel, I passed.  I did pick up a couple calf and rabbit hides, some really hard to find ropes and some miscellaneous leather pieces.  
We didn't get dinner at Silly Al's the night before due to the 30 people in line ahead of us, nor did we eat at any of the other 5 restaurants we drove to.  Each had a waiting time of 45 minutes or better.  So for lunch today, we hit up Al's for some awesome pizza.  His reputation is warranted.  It was VERY good.
Of course Dan ordered the GOLIATH size ... and it almost covered the entire table!!
One more great find ... rugs.  Not that they will last forever, because they were $8.00 each ... but I loved the design and it matches my coach.  If they get ruined, no big deal with such a small investment.

There is back side nudity below.  Not mine ... the Naked Book Guy!!

This being my first trip to Quartzite, Patty and Dan thought I should hit the local book store, Readers Oasis to check out the proprietor.  I guess he's a nudist at heart and has been known to stand on the road with nothing more than a loin cloth, getting the best tan ever.  It takes all kinds, and this guy is one character to be sure.  When we arrived, the first sight was this kitty, the biggest I've ever seen.  What a sweetheart ... he kept my attention for some time.  
So here's what all the fuss is about .... It was cold, so he wore a jacket?????  And a sock ... I'm sure you can figure that one out!!  I felt so bad about taking a picture, since so many people had "Tip Jars" for pics, that I bought a book about "ladies" in the Yukon Territory.  How appropriate for my Alaska trip!!
Okay ... he takes the Weird award hands down.  Considering the temperature, I would have at LEAST put on a skirt!!

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