Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Home Sweet Home!!

Much as I love traveling in my RV, there are a couple of things I'm thankful for when I get home.  I'm pretty sure other RV'ers feel the same.  Something more than single ply and lots of running water.  Isn't it funny what we take for granted!!  I have to say RV'ing has made me more aware of recycling, being water-wasteful and "needing less stuff".  Unfortunately my at-home friends experience my squeakiness when I'm here!!

It is a relief this time to have Jonathan home alive and well.  After his major crash to the floor and the freezing weather, I was concerned whether he would recover.  I'm happy to say he's doing great, chortling and talking up a storm.  He's VERY happy to be back in his "house" with a full time heater!!
I can't remember if I told his story, but Jonathan is the last parrot I hand fed out of many raised from eggs.  I came up with a hand-feeding formula that worked exceptionally well for these exotic guys, using my very own baby spoon every two hours, and sold them for pets to qualified owners.  One of the interesting things about these particular birds is that you cannot tell whether they are male or female until they are much older.  At about 9 months of age, "way back then", you could have them surgically sexed by a Veterinarian.  An expensive, not exactly safe procedure.  Since I was not selling them for breeding, I didn't care whether they were male or female.  At about 9 years of age, Jonathan starting displaying in a way that determined HE was a SHE.  An identity crisis in the making!!!  To make matters worse, he's a Disco Duck ... raised in the 70's, he dances and calls out "disco Jonathan" quite often.  He/She calls the kitty, says What Cha Doing, I love You, Pretty Boy, Disco Disco and a list of other words probably only I can understand.  At 38 years old, he's become a real character that will live to 75 or better.  I have recently found a family that is willing to take on the feeding and care when I'm gone.  These birds have a pretty specific diet that includes baking "bird" biscuits!!  Live long Jonathan!!!

Eager to put my newly acquired RV knowledge to work, I headed out yesterday to pick up a few items.  First off was a wireless thermometer so I know just how cold I will be when I go outside.  Since I was going to the DESERT, I didn't take any coats and nearly froze, even when wearing three shirts!!  I also plan on purchasing coats that will not leave the RV closet.  These thermometers are pretty cool ... I actually have one in my house.  I plan on putting the external unit somewhere in the generator compartment with the Extra Heavy Duty Velcro I purchased at FMCA Indio.  Both units are battery operated.
The rugs I purchased in Quartzite have no backing and are very slippery on my tile floor.  When I mentioned I would need a rug mat underneath, I was immediately informed that was a bad idea.  I never did find out why, but the dealer suggested silicone beads instead ... washable and durable, making the rugs slip-free.  Patty noted she knew this trick already ... okay, I'll try it!!
Lastly, for my interior surfaces ... Armorall to keep them clean and shiny!!  I ordered a hitch-vise, safety cones, a collapsible dog kennel and enough hair spray to last 5 months in Alaska this summer.  It's like Christmas all over again!!!

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