Monday, June 2, 2014

THOR Is Alive And Well In Kansas!!

WOW ... I had no idea what those radar pictures on the weather channel meant until the last few days in Kansas.  The Norse God THOR definitely lives here, and wields his hammer with deafening force!!  Still parked in Sedgwick, the 50 amp service I'm plugged in to is working like a charm ... wouldn't you know.  After lunch we all went to the local laundromat in Valley Center for some people watching while our clothes went round and round.  $3.00!!!! Yikes ... I've NEVER seen laundry cost THAT much.  Sorry, I don't have any pictures, but I really don't think you want to see the local women anyway.  

Again relaxing with the puppies, the NOAA Weather Alarm went off like a fire alarm in your back pocket!!  Severe Weather Watch!!  Severe Thunderstorm Watch!!  I was on the radio instantly, asking Barbara if she heard about the 1" hail that was falling in this storm!!!  She tried to calm me and said no worries, that's why we have insurance, and even if the radar looks horrible, it doesn't mean it will hit here ... try to get your local television stations.  THIS is something I had tried previously with no results, so I wasn't even sure if my antenna was hooked up.  After going through three of my four remotes, I was able to scan for locals and picked up the weather channel.  YAY!!!

Meanwhile, Thor started his hammering!!!  The lightning was so extensive it lit up the entire sky like it was noon!!  When the thunder hit, poor Jessie jumped in my lap shivering.  The skies opened up and the rain let loose, flooding my immediate area!!  In an hour, Thor must have worn himself out, as the storm passed quickly.  Gosh ... I don't think I will ever get used to this.  More storms tonight with tornados expected tomorrow in the Kansas City area.  Aren't we going to Kansas City?????

With no pictures of lightning this time, I've been saving these nostalgic RV's from Albuquerque.  They are all completely restored and parked at The Enchanted Trails RV Park.  This beautiful Shasta still has her wings!
A 1969 Airstream, complete with flowers for the flower children.
Such a cutie, this is a Winnebago Dot!!  You can look in the windows to see they have been restored inside and out.
A 1956 Yellowstone looks like you could just move in.  
There was no indication of the year of this beautiful Hudson, but I'm sure it probably pulled many RV's.
A 1974 Silverstreak is shiny from top to bottom!!  
My all time favorite, a 1959 Spartan!!!  This reminds me of that great clip of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz pulling their RV to Yosemite National Park!!  I laughed myself silly!!!
This Airstream was parked close to us and is in full use today.  The tenants are from Tennessee!!
I never saw anyone near this little teardrop, so I'm not sure if it was being used.  I'd love to look inside though.  I can't imagine it's big enough for a bed!!
Finally, there was a Prevost parked next to me with this lovely A.C. setup.  Yes, it's a Prevost!!
Nothing but relaxing on the schedule today.  My appointment at Cummins is tomorrow morning, where I have a feeling they will tell me there is nothing wrong.  We have narrowed it down to the Progressive EMS unit or the RV park electrical service when lightning hit close by.  Lesson learned ... RV's can be frustrating!!  On the other hand, I'm learning more about electrical setups than I ever cared to know!!


  1. Keep up the positive thoughts on the electric. Love the blog reading all your adventures makes me smile.

    1. Thank you so much!! Sometime it makes me cry, but I wouldn't change a thing!!