Thursday, June 26, 2014

Short and Sweet ... and Opening Ceremonies!!

I have to leave in 30 minutes, I'm charging my phone and my camera and still haven't fed the dogs, so this is going to be pretty short and sweet!!

Up at 4:30 am (yawn), it was not a bad drive into the City.  From there on, it was organized chaos, as the judges arrived and took their place for the meeting.  Here's three local people who hire as well as finding jobs for kids, getting their certificates for a job well done!
The judges eating .....
Opening Ceremonies ... I forgot my camera, which wouldn't have been allowed in the backpack anyway ... so here are a few quick i-phone pics.
The kids as officers of the organization.
Lots of crazy lights ... each State's kids bring all kinds of flashing light gizzys that they keep lit the entire time!!
The main floor ... 6000 kids plus advisors, teachers, friends and family.
Caterpillar is the main sponsor of this event and had a video of two excavators playing Jenga ... pretty cool!!  Then they showed one of their smaller pieces of equipment in a china shop, moving one glass.
It was pretty impressive ... mostly because that has got to be the best small equipment operator I've ever seen!!!  Yeah part of it's the tractor, but mostly it's his finesse. 
The keynote speaker was Chris Fischer, who at 29 lost his job and decided to hang his hat on a idea of helping keep sharks alive instead of having them in your soup.  Eventually, with no money or experience, he got a boat and went shark tagging to see where they spent their time.  You probably saw it on TV.

This huge female was caught off the East Coast.  Long story short, we now have amazing information on shark territories that he has made available ... FREE ... to anyone who cares to check it out.
Gotta run .... final interviews today!!!

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