Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Electricity, Botanicals and Frozen Custard!!!

How much more diverse could you possibly get???  It's all in a days work (or rather play) when you're in Kansas!  Another hour's discussion in layman's terms regarding my electrical situation ... speak to me slowly please ... and we have determined there is nothing wrong with my rig or the Progressive unit, and I will continue on WITHOUT seeing Cummins Coach Care.  First because my rig has been working spectacularly while plugged in to a 50 amp service here in Sedgwick ... and second because when I called Coach Care to confirm my appointment, the Service guy told me they only do electrical work on generators ... not coaches and NOT electrical systems!!  Gosh, do you think you could have told me that when I called two weeks ago and explained in great detail what my problem was??  I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have come all the way to Wichita had I known that little piece of information!!  The final determination was probably the RV Park's hookup with that VERY close lightning strike.

That took a load off my mind, so when Barbara and Tom decided to head out for a couple of caches and some ice cream, I was all over it!!  First stop was Theorosa's Bridge ... the most haunted spot in Kansas.  We didn't see any ghosts or hear anyone crying, but it was a nice concrete bridge over a creek!!
Under "Points of Interest" Barbara found Wichita Botanical Gardens, so we stopped in to see what was growing in Kansas.  It was pretty gorgeous to see all these things growing like weeds in this beautiful garden!!  The entrance fountain was lovely!
With a short time until closing, we went straight to the butterfly enclosure.  
I asked for names, but these guys weren't talking.  
Nor did I have anything to write with ... 
So each will just have to be called "butterfly 1", "butterfly 2" .....
THIS little guy liked my Nikon camera.  I have no idea why but it was so attracted to the black that it followed me everywhere, landing on my lens several times.  It even tried to follow me out the door!!
These were my favorite ... black and yellow "butterfly 8" ... but they wouldn't land long enough to get a great image!
Outside, this robin red breast was snatching up bugs on the lawn.
There were many statues around the grounds, this one framed by a nice trellis.
By the way, did you hear about the grasshoppers we encountered in Albuquerque??  They grew to be 2-3 inches long and swarms of them could be seen on radar!!  Glad we aren't THERE!!
As we walked around this fat and sassy squirrel was making his way through the bushes looking for snacks.
At the back wall is a waterfall ... love that sound ... and there are lots of benches to sit on.  I think we saw only three other people the entire time.  Very quiet and relaxing!!
The locals were relaxing also ... it was just too hot for this pair!  They certainly picked a good home however!!
I admit, I'm not good with flower names either ... just like the butterflies.  This was probably "flower 221".
Beautiful statues of herons standing around this pond greeted us as we walked the path.
What's a huge garden without a train??  They had one here, being operated by an elderly gentleman who turned it on every time someone came around the corner!!
I know THIS one!!!  Hibiscus ... I think ... Miss Patty Chance, am I right???
Now closed, we left the Botanical Garden looking for dinner ... but mostly for ice cream.  Yelp brought up Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakhouse Burgers.  Practically on the way home ... only not really ... we loaded up on a burger, a patty melt and a chicken sandwich (AWESOME food) and some of the best fries ever!!  We followed that up with a Turtle Sundae and a Brownie Sundae with frozen custard.  One big bite and I was hooked!!  Why don't they have this in California???  Frozen custard is like silk on your tongue ... silk ice cream ... with caramel and pecans.  It just doesn't get any better than that!!!

With no more electrical problems, we're heading off to Nevada Kansas today, skirting around 1" hail storms and tornados ... to arrive in Branson Missouri for a weeks stay!!  Stay tuned!!!


  1. Yes, you are right. Flower # 221 is Lantana. Good shots, as usual, hugs, Patty