Sunday, June 29, 2014

Moving On Down The Road .....

Since our work with Skills USA was complete and our Jackson County campground reservation ending, we drove off into the sunset ... again ... only the sun wasn't quite shining and we went maybe 10 miles!!  While Barbara and Tom took daughter Jenny to the airport, I packed up my rig and drove over to the Elks Lodge in Blue Springs.  With the exception of a few clouds, it looked like this when I arrived.  The Elkettes were having a family fun day, complete with dunk tank, so I pulled in to a corner and hooked up to power.

Ten minutes later, the bounce house when flying off in the breeze with two kids in it, landing upside down in the rocks.  They immediately squashed THAT idea and shipped it back to the rental company, asking me to now move to the other side.  No problem, I had a birds-eye view of the dunk tank
When Barbara called to see if the festivities were over, I said "come on down"!!!   In less than 5 minutes it looked like this!!!  That's a big river running over the gravel parking lot, under my rig and down the hill ... thank goodness there IS a hill.  I'm backed in to one of eight full hookups with good power.  I'm pretty sure it's never rained as much in my entire LIFE in California as it did in 60 minutes here.  Tom, being the great driver he is, not only got here, but backed in just as the rain was letting up.  By final hookup, we were all soaked to the bone!!
At $15 a night, this is the view out my back door this morning.  Another lodge with wonderful people who are VERY serious about their barbecue.  In back of the building is a stainless steel smoker as big as my jeep!!
It rained most of the afternoon, so the puppies napped while I kept an eye on the radar.  I'm a little more relaxed about the storms, but not enough to put my phone down!!  It finally cleared up enough for us to find the local Panera Bread restaurant for some good eats.
At the bottom of the hill behind me, Tom discovered these beauties cruising for bugs after the rain.  They gobbled and swaggered, all the while keeping a close watch out for predators.
I don't know how they survive the ticks and bugs ... I'm up to 8 bites now that itch like crazy.  Anyone have any remedies so it doesn't look like I'm doing the crazy dance??
Waffles drenched in syrup, breakfast food of champions, is on the Elks menu this morning, so I'd best get going ... looking forward to a sunny day and maybe a trip to Boot Barn!!!

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