Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Light Is Getting Brighter!

Should I ever actually sell my house, the new owners will be happy to know the kids next door will probably have grown out of the BALL stage.  Football, soccer ball, basketball, golf ball, baseball.  You see when I got home and was observing the disaster that is now my front lawn, I noticed ANOTHER broken window.

Way up top on the dormer, the glass is not broken OUT, but broken none the less.  It probably wouldn't have mattered if I was home or not, but I might have been able to make the parents pay for the damage.  As it is, I can't prove a thing.

There must be a lot of that going on because they can't even come out and give me an estimate for two weeks.  I'm requesting friend Jay (whose wife bought my Harley) do the repairs.  Maybe I can get him to paint the dormer and repair that broken piece of wood at the same time.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.  I finished unloading the rig yesterday after taking practically everything out of the basement in order to retrieve my ladder.  There are lots of ways to display your quilts, but honestly, I don't have that much wall space in my house.  It's all taken up by doorways.  Reminiscent of the Indian ladders, which were WAY too expensive, I found this beauty in the basement of an antique store in Astoria.  Just an old wooden ladder.

Being mindful of my lack of space, I put all the seats down in the Jeep.  It FIT!!!  It took me two hours to get it in the rig however.  Now out and cleaned up, it's the perfect size for display.  Too bad it will only hold four quilts.  I have eight.  If I can find somewhere to stash half of them, I'll trade them out every so often.  Maybe it's time to start a donation stack.
I cleaned the rig and emptied the water tank, making sure it ran onto the still dry lawn.  I then adjusted the sprinklers again since the garage really didn't need watering.  It's too bad there's no "being responsible" or "going above and beyond" any more.  Heck my gardeners don't even care about doing a good job ... just mow, blow and go!!  

By the afternoon, I could actually see outside the tunnel and was feeling back in control, not stressed at all as I stopped in the sewing room to begin a new beautiful quilted bag I received from Miss Patty.  I shouldn't go so long without sewing.  I completely forgot how to turn the machine on and which buttons to push to get the desired results.  After a couple of mistakes, it finally clicked and I was back in business, when it promptly ran out of thread.  Suddenly the tunnel when dark!!
For dinner I fried up a batch of chicken in my handy dandy cast iron skillet.  I know they are heavy, but I just LOVE these pans.  When did you ever see something I cooked look this good??  Smothered in a lemon parmesan sauce and served over noodles, I was in heaven!  I figured I needed the sustenance to get through today!!
You guessed it ..... it's MAGIC KINGDOM day!!!  I hope I remember how to run the infernal machine better than my sewing machine!!  Unfortunately, I DO remember the names of the games and can still count, so I'll be on the job.  Next up ... begin planning the Indio Golden Spike Rally ... not that that's so much fun, but it's better than washing the rig.


  1. Hi Nancy,
    MY neighbors spend Saturday installing a fake lawn. I’m impressed it looks good. I don’t know if it’s the one you see adds for all the time (Heavenly Greens). Needs on landscaper or water.

    1. Note to anonymous
      Don't be too surprised if you see your neighbor watering his artificial grass And then coming back and blow dry it

      I read the directions
      Believe it or not it says to do that in the directions
      I have a 6' X 6' peace but I will tell you one thing and the sun is on if you can't walk on it barefoot it burns your feet

    2. I've seen some of those installations Jim and they are pretty cool!! Pricey I think, but no watering. Just blow the leaves off. Might be worth looking into for me!!

  2. Easiest way to solve the Display problem is to go buy another damn ladder
    Do it,,,, you know you want to
    Or I'll bet you have a lot of free space on the garage walls
    Move the jeep in the truck to the horse barn see just imagine all the space you have for all the displays
    And or go down to Home Depot and buy the hanging rug display rack that might be good for about 25 of them
    Or you could buy a 10 x 10 table and display them like they do it at Persian rug show room
    Feel free to let your imagination run wild But if the sun is out don't run barefoot on an artificial turf rug

    1. Hahaha ... are you saying I have too many quilts?? Well I agree!! The Home Depot rug rack sounds like a GREAT idea!