Monday, October 31, 2016


It's the time of year here in California when we realize winter is coming.  The nights are finally getting cooler and my air conditioning has been off for the last couple of weeks.  It's when we get a PG&E bill that doesn't cause a heart attack.  NICE!!  

Halloween comes along just in time to turn the clocks back, giving most people another hour of sleep.  You already know that's not happening in my house.

I'm still trying to attach the short video here ... it's SO much better with sound!!  I tried sending it to YouTube which looked like it would work, then it crashed.  I shortened it to practically nothing but it still won't upload.  I tried just the sound version, but the nice served rejected the file.  I'll keep trying.

EUREKA!!!!!  Pretty short, but at least it worked!!

I tested the music again last night, but kept it on the low side.  Tonight however, it will be blasting!!  Okay, maybe I'll turn it down just a tad on the patio.  

If you're going to have a scary front porch, you better provide something BIG and worth the trip up the driveway.  At my house they will be rewarded with a giant Snickers bar.  I'm pretty sure the boys on both sides of my house will arrive sans costumes, dressed up like 8th graders.  It's okay ... that counts too!!
In the morning, I baked the last of the goodie bags I purchased in Washington.  Everything I bought at the Cranberry Museum was delicious, including these scones.  Yes, I would have flattened them out a little more, but when puffy, they are much softer.  I topped them with a little sugar ... LOTS of sugar actually, and they were delish!!  
In the evening, I watched the Cubs beat the Indians to stay in the World Series for one more game.  They need TWO to win ... Indians only need ONE.  These have been some of the best baseball games I've seen in ages ... the two teams are very well matched.  Even if it's not your thing, you might enjoy watching the drama!!

Today I'll be fine tuning the porch and deciding if I want to wear a costume or not.  I'd love to be Captain Hook, but my vintage coat can't take any more wear and tear.  The Dead Bride wedding dress is a little too snug after all those fish and chips I ate this summer and I can't even FIND the wicked witch dress.  Maybe I'll just hang my cameras around my neck and be a tourist!!


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