Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's Early ... My Eyes Are Still Closed

Sometimes I open my mouth before my brain kicks in gear.  I volunteered to help FILL THE BOOT for the Fire Department starting at 7:00 am after I worked late at Bingo.  It takes me an hour to get ready so they don't cart me off in an ambulance, thinking I'm deceased (makeup is my friend), especially when I didn't get to bed until after midnight.

My eyes are scratchy, my nose is running and it's DARK outside.  It's going to be a fun morning!!

I'll fill you in on the last burial and the BIG pot of beans I tried to cook when I return .... after a nap or maybe two.


  1. When you're passing the boot just tell tham you're an X victim
    And on the road to recovery,,,, they'll understand

  2. My gosh I almost forgot there is a way to fix that make a problem just do what my girlfriend does instead of spraying hairspray in your hair make a smile close your eyes and spray your face with hair spray starch
    It keeps her smiling for a couple of days,,,, and that's good

    Another good thing that you could do (PS this is not a facial make up tip) if you use hairspray in the bathroom its best to leave the toilet seat up when the hairspray molecules hit the toilet seat it makes it a great non-skid surface on the seat ,,,, no sliding around

    1. That's what I needed .... hairspray!! I was smiling, I just couldn't open my eyes!!